Women for Women: Foundations and Organizations that Help Women in the Philippines

These local groups continue to make waves in the fight for women’s rights.

There are hundreds of different non-profit organizations in the Philippines, but there are only a dozen that cater specifically to women. These local groups continue to make waves in the fight for women’s rights.

With heated debates and women’s issues dominating the political sphere here and abroad, it’s no surprise that feminist causes have sprung up left and right. These days, you don’t have to look too far to find a cause that stokes your passion and keeps you committed to improving yourself, your circle, and society.

New Beginnings
Beneficiaries: Sexually abused minors


Backed by CRIBS Foundation, this program focuses on bringing healing and recovery to sexually abused female minors from ages seven to 17. As its name suggest, the goal is to create a fresh start for females who have experienced hardship before even reaching adulthood. The program includes professional assistance—psychological services, psychiatric evaluations, therapies, behavioral management services, and legal assistance. Education is also identified as a main component of the program, alongside skills training, cultural and recreational activities, and family intervention.

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call 681.5921.

The Paper Project
Beneficiaries: Women survivors of human trafficking, prostitution and abuse

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Recovering from a life-threatening experience is one thing, sustaining a newfound life is a completely different challenge. The Paper Project was founded to provide a source of livelihood to oppressed women. Affiliated with Good Paper, an American fair trade social business, this enterprise crafts products for foreign markets so that women escaping their past experiences become empowered, earn competence, and develop character.

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or visit paperprojectinc on Facebook and Instagram.

World Vision
Beneficiaries: Pregnant teens


For 60 years now, World Vision has been fostering childcare and building sustainable communities. One of its advocacies is teenage pregnancy—its reach covers 100,000 poor children and their communities and families. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, 24 babies are delivered by teenage mothers every hour. World Vision aims to support teen mothers, who suffer not just from limited employment opportunities, but also social stigmas that can leave lasting impacts on their lives and their children.

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call +632 374 7618 to 28.

Beneficaries: Victims of abuse


A major player in current events and cases that concern women from all walks of life, Gabriela has been fighting for women’s rights since 2000. Named after Gabriela Silang, a revolutionary women in the Spanish colonial times, this pro-women group has had successful runs in government, legislation, and in grassroots organizations throughout the years. Its campaigns aim to fight against abuse of women and children, and on a larger scale, our OFWs and the country as a whole.

For more information, visit GabrielaWomensParty on Facebook.

Tali Handmade
Advocacy: Social Enterprise


Founded by career women, moms and entrepreneurs Liza Morales Crespo and Marielle de Leon, Tali Handmade was born out of a meaningful visit to female inmates at a local city jail. Together, Crespo and de Leon began to weave a social enterprise, teaching women simple patterns and designs that are the backbone of the brand’s lush, eclectic and vibrant collection of handmade bags. Tali strongly links its definition of “tying” to help connect impoverished women to the globe by giving them a sustainable, decent and empowering means of living to support themselves and their families.

For more information, e-mail [email protected]

Advocacy: Breast cancer awareness and support


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ICanServe, founded in 1999 by Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala, Crisann Celdran, Becky Fuentes, and Bet Lazatin, provides an avenue where survivors, patients, and the people around them can find strength, support, and purpose. The foundation hosts screening programs (Ating Dibdibin), educational fora, and means of volunteering. ICanServe takes the pink ribbon cause to heart, empowering everyone to do anything they can to help combat the ravages of such a widespread disease.

For more information, e-mail [email protected]

Wider and Wider Circles
Advocacy: Women’s wellness

Dona Tumacder-Esteban has advocated women’s menstrual health for many years now through a unique and dynamic blend of energy management, embodiment, movement, and yin yoga. She hosts Wider and Wider Circles, a women’s gathering that supports the sharing of practical women’s wisdom. Through regular meet-ups, the group provides women an avenue to experience well-being through a feminine approach. Dona also runs The Period Project, which encourages women to mind their flow as well as their female energy cycles, allowing women to view their periods as an essential and beautiful part of womanhood.

For more information visit @mindbodydona on Instagram and ThePeriodProject on Facebook.


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