5 Organizations That Help You Help Others

Give back in any way you can.

Charities and non-profit organizations see the most action during the holidays. But regardless of the season, giving should be a habit all-year-round.

If you’d like to help but don’t know where to start, here are a few suggestions:

Kids for Kids


Help by: Encouraging kids to give back at an early age

Kids for Kids, a Philippine-based charity and youth empowerment organization run by kids for other children in need, was founded in 2015 by sisters Tasha Tanjutco, now 17, and Isabella Tanjutco, 15.

“What’s unique about our organization is that all our events and movements are purely created by kids. Despite our being young, we don’t let our age hinder us from lending a hand wherever we can,” Tasha explains. “We are driven solely by our initiative to serve without expecting anything in return. Our willingness to give back to society, especially to fellow kids, comes from the thought that we are able to do the things we love and help a bigger group in society.”

From a very young age, Tasha and Bella were exposed by their family to outreach activities and were taught to always think of ways to help those in need. “Since we were three years old, my mom always taught us to collect toys that we would not use anymore and set them aside to donate to kids who needed them. From then on, we have always loved the feeling of giving back and knowing that we made a difference,” Tasha says. “In 2015, my mom closed her art school, Creative Kids, with a grand art exhibit and a fundraiser organized by her past students, including my sister and I, and many of our childhood friends. After seeing the difference this exhibit made in raising funds for initiatives like UNICEF’s 1000 Days Campaign, which focused on nutrition for infants and toddlers, my sister and I decided that this was something that we wanted to continue. So we decided to start our own local organization.”


The sisters aim to recruit more of their generation and beyond to continue the good work. “We hope we get to inspire more kids to help other kids in need. In the end, kids truly are the future of a nation and we hope we help create a future of game changers for a better tomorrow.” For more information, log on to


Happy to Help

Help by: Volunteering

Posted by Happytohelp Charitygroup on Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy to Help is a personal initiative founded by Chary Mercado, which calls for donations and volunteers for a variety of causes: workshops, food drives, book clubs, and jail visits. A recent project was for requests for donations for care packages to be gifted to inmates in a provincial jail. These care packages consist of toiletries, rubber slippers, and towels. Happy to Help stresses that it will receive any amount of help or donations given.

Aside from providing lessons to children and caring for inmates, Happy to Help inspires others by letting them know that a single person can make a world of difference. It does not narrow down its cause to a just one and chooses to act timely by providing relief after disasters. To get involved, visit Happytohelp Charitygroup on Facebook.


Restaurants Against Hunger

Help by: Dining at a partner restaurant or becoming a partner restaurant

May you never tire of extending your hands to serve and share. Happy New Year! Action Against Hunger Philippines

Posted by Restaurants Against Hunger Ph on Friday, December 30, 2016

Clean water and a homecooked meal are simple enough necessities that could save a child’s life. In the previous year, Action Against Hunger reached out to 14.7 million people in an estimated 50 countries to provide them with just that: Access to clean water, food, and healthcare. But change doesn’t come from monetary donations alone. For the second time, their goal to fight malnutrition and its causes and effects has extended to the dining scene with Restaurants Against Hunger in the Philippines. The foundation has called upon restaurateurs to join in its fight and offer dishes that feed more than just one mouth—a portion of that highlighted dish’s price will be given to the Action Against Hunger program. In a way, when diners choose a dish with that Restaurants Against Hunger sticker on the menus of Hook, Izakaya Sensu, Gallery Vask, and more, they’re really sharing the meal with someone in need. See the whole list of participating restaurants here.


Habitat for Humanity

Help by: Donating, partnering, or volunteering to build houses

Habitat Philippines and its partners not only build houses to help the impoverished, but provide families with improved...

Posted by Habitat for Humanity Philippines on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A staggering number of four million Filipinos have been living in depressed areas, without the safety and security of a proper home. You can find them under bridges, in cramped compounds made of make-shift construction materials, or illegally-settled on private properties. Habitat for Humanity aims to reach out to these people, with a vision of providing them with safe and affordable living spaces. It was founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller and since then has housed over 6.8 million people internationally. The Philippines chapter has served 140,000 families through the 500,000 hours their volunteers have donated. It continues to provide roofs over every head possible and in order to continue to do so, asks for donations, volunteers, and partners. It also offers several programs as an opportunity for volunteers to be involved in various ways. The Juan Brigade Program lets volunteers spearhead leadership and values formation seminars, while the Habitat Global Village Program allows volunteers to build homes outside the country, where they can immerse themselves in different cultures. To learn more, visit


The PARC Foundation Christmas Carol

Help by: Buying a concert ticket

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Celebrate the season of giving, as The Performing Arts and Recreation Center...

Posted by The PARC Foundation on Thursday, November 2, 2017

What would Christmas be without the carols at the door? As early as now, we hear Christmas jingles playing at the mall or on the radio. For a change of venue, PARC Foundation has enlisted the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra to celebrate the season of giving by featuring timeless Christmas carols in a concert called “Namamasko Po!” Fifty percent of proceeds from the concert will benefit struggling young artists who deserve to pursue their dreams without having to worry about financial difficulties. The fundraising concert will be held on December 3, 2017, at 494 Lt. Artiaga Street, San Juan. For more information, visit the PARC Foundation Facebook page.

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