This Is What the Ultra-Rich Spend Their Money On

The most discerning choose experiences first.
This Is What the Ultra-Rich Spend Their Money On

Lazing away on a 200-foot luxury yacht and owning flashy cars, solid gold watches, and ostrich leather may be the poster for the crazy rich life, but it turns out that the ultra-rich don’t necessarily spend most of their money on cars, clothing, and jewelry. As wise spenders, they evaluate if something is worth investing in or not, and more importantly, they choose experiences—oftentimes more than material things—because they know these can enrich their lives. Here are some of the refined experiences wealthy people splurge on:

1. Grand family getaway

If there’s one thing the well-to-do never tire of, it’s taking lavish family vacations. Not only a way of expressing love and sharing quality time together, traveling luxuriously is a way of reaping the rewards of hard work while showing the kids where perseverance can lead them. Since air travel marks the start of the trip, affluent families choose to forego crowds for a more intimate environment, like flying first class and enjoying private entertainment and relishing inspired dishes served on English bone china in Singapore Airlines Suites or having your specific needs and preferences met by an award-winning cabin crew like that of Qatar Airways, to leave no room for discomfort and stress, as well as bickerings that spring from them.

2. Haute cuisine

The most discriminating can take their dining experience to new heights through haute cuisine and exclusive tasting events. Through the finest ingredients carefully sourced from around the world, the palate doesn’t just become more refined. A newfound appreciation for creativity can also blossom, and even encourage one to become more innovative or daring. After all, only the boldest chefs create chocolate truffle sundae topped with 23-carat edible gold, or a doughnut filled with Dom Pérignon jelly and sprinkled with edible diamonds.

3. Opulent house party

Moneyed folks are by no means strangers to fun yet intimate house parties. To reconnect or celebrate special occasions with their circle, they organize gatherings and make it sophisticated with catered hors d’oeuvres and a plated dinner, a live band for entertainment, and of course, a well of swanky libations. Only premium liquor from the top shelf ensures that all guests can enjoy their drink all through the night.

4. Exclusive all-access pass

It’s not enough just to be very important. When you’ve reached the pinnacle of financial success, you then become very, very important, which means being prioritized and offered complimentary luxuries such as private after-hours shopping and top-shelf bottle service at luxury clubs. There’s no doubt that you and your ultra-well-heeled peers can afford them, but a blessing is a blessing: It’s something we all love and should be genuinely grateful for.

Being a part of the ultra-rich doesn’t just mean having a lot of money and spending it on just about anything you fancy. It’s also about getting the most out of your hard-earned money by placing immense importance on intangible things like unique and exclusive experienced shared with close friends and family.

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