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Ateneo Vs. UP: Who Runs the Philippines' Most Profitable Firms?

Or none of the above? Check the infographic to find out.

Business news platforms are full of reports about the profits and market value of the country’s largest listed companies. At least once a quarter, we get updates on how much money the companies are making. On a daily basis, there’s news on how their stock prices are moving, and how that changed their market capitalization or value.

As the new school year begins in June, it may be worth looking at where the chief executive officers (CEOs) of the country’s biggest companies studied, and find out how each school’s graduates are doing compared to the others.

In a recent article, Entrepreneur Philippines reported that more than half of CEOs of the 100 most valuable listed companies are graduates of only three Metro Manila-based schools: Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University and the University of the Philippines in Diliman. The fourth biggest producer of CEOs of top-listed firms is a US school: the University of Pennsylvania.

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Now that we know where the CEOs of the country’s largest listed companies come from, the next obvious question is: How do each school’s alumni CEOs compare to other schools’ graduates in running their companies?

It may well be impossible to get an authoritative answer to the question. Nonetheless, we tried to generate some information that could be the basis for discussion. To simplify matters, we focused on two most commonly available indicators of financial performance: net income and market capitalization.

First, we listed the country’s 100 biggest firms by market capitalization as of end-March 2018 and grouped them by the universities where their CEOs obtained their college degrees. We then averaged the companies’ net income in 2017 for each university, as well as their market capitalization as of the end of first quarter this year. (The analysis did not include 16 companies on which data is not available)


The results are summarized in the infographic on this page. On average, the CEOs who graduated from Far Eastern University (there are only three of them) and the University of the East (five) run the most profitable companies. Graduates of UE and Ateneo (17) head the most valuable firms. Graduates of international schools ranked third in both profitability and market capitalization.

A scatter graph that plots the listed companies’ net income and market capitalization is also shown, highlighting the few outliers that rank high in net income as well as market capitalization. The graph names the companies that do exceptionally well and where their CEOs studied.

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