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The Kennedy Family Is Using Instagram to Get Out the Vote This Election Season

JFK's relatives are sharing rare vintage photos and video to inspire people to get to the polls.

Only a handful of Kennedys are still directly involved in the family business, but in the lead up to the midterm election, many of JFK's relatives are using their social media platforms to get out the vote in the U.S.

For example, journalist and author Maria Shriver, whose mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver was President Kennedy's sister, posted a clip of JFK's speech inspiring people to vote in the 1962 midterms on her Instagram account over the weekend.

"Even though this was taped in 1962, it still resonates today. Same date Nov. 6. Same request. #Vote. It's what you can do for your country." she wrote in the caption.

A few days before that, Shriver had posted a video with her close friend Oprah, in which they discuss how important it is that everyone, Republicans, Democrats, and independents cast their ballot on November 6. Watch that clip here:

Shriver's cousin Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Bobby Kennedy, is also using Instagram to inspire voter turnout during the midterms. She shared a graphic image of the words "Go Vote" along with a seemingly more partisan caption.

"They want you to be scared. We will not be frightened," she wrote. "They want you to stay home. We will show up. They want you to give up. We will be brave. They will not win. We will #GoVote."

This isn't the first time Kerry has posted about the election on Instagram. She also shared this illustration of a ballot box, with the caption, "The stakes have never been greater. America, #GoVote."


In contrast, Kerry's brother Robert Kennedy Jr. and his wife, actress Cheryl Hines, posted some practical information for would-be voters. They both shared resources like HowTo.Vote and the hotline 866-OUR-VOTE, which will assist callers who have questions about their voting rights.

RFK Jr. also shared a rare vintage photo of his parents voting for his "Uncle Jack" in 1960.

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