How Successful People Think: 5 Beliefs They Always Practice

If you believe in these values, it means you've made it.
How Successful People Think: 5 Beliefs They Always Practice

Success, from attaining it to maintaining it, requires a certain way of thinking that some people may not be aware of. For individuals who have been thriving for years, however, these five statements are part of their daily mantras:

1. Understand that you can’t do it all.

Even the most successful people in the world know their limits. What allows them to grow beyond their shortcomings is their ability to ask for help and learn from others. Steve Jobs was guided by several people—from his father and his wife to his colleagues—on his climb to the top. Working with expert advice puts you at a great advantage, while not seeking it can cost you.

2. Keep your horizons ever-expanding.

It's always tempting to settle into your comfort zone, but the only way to truly get anywhere is to keep moving forward. Keep yourself open to new opportunities—broaden your networks, invest abroad, innovate in your craft. Take it from Facebook. It already bought five tech companies with varying products and services, further securing its dominant position in the coming years.  

3. Leverage every privilege and benefit afforded to you.

You'd be surprised to know that Warren Buffett has treated Bill Gates at a fast food joint and paid with coupons, or that Lady Gaga, who reportedly has a net worth of 275 million dollars, is said to use coupons when doing her groceries and bargain for clothes. It then seems that the truly successful among us know the value of a good deal, and make sure that no bargain goes to waste. They maximize every discount, claim every reward, and allow any preferential treatment given to make life easier and more efficient.

4. Be detail-oriented in every pursuit.

Being successful requires a dogged sense of determination and a well-trained eye for detailSteve Ballmer, the long-time CEO of Microsoft before leaving the company in 2014, has said that he and Bill Gates were both detail-oriented, but in different ways: "Bill knows more about products. I know more about moods and people's situations and finances." And Gates affirmed the importance of focusing on the different parts of a business: "There's a lot more to running a company than the tech, like the strategy, sales, etc."

5. Success isn’t worth anything if you can’t enjoy yourself.

Take some time to enjoy the finer things in life: a hearty meal, a relaxing trip overseas, perhaps some art pieces to bring more calm into your home. Mark Zuckerberg seems to know just how to enjoy life for taking his wife Priscilla Chan on a new honeymoon each year. We can certainly learn from him that if you don’t allow yourself to enjoy, the drudgery of working day in and day out is likely going to wear you down.

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