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Homeless Man Living Out of Range Rover is a Multimillionaire

In case you need further proof that money can't buy happiness.

William Tavoulareas, Jr. was arrested by Palm Beach Police after a parking enforcement boot that had been attached to his Range Rover mysteriously disappeared and the vehicle was moved.

It turns out that Tavoulareas, 56, had been living out of the SUV despite "having millions in his trust fund," his brother Peter Tavoulareas told the Miami Herald. The Tavoulareas brothers are heirs to a fortune accumulated by their father, former Mobil CEO William P. Tavoulareas, who died in 1996.

Police charged Tavoulareas with two felonies, according to the Palm Beach Daily News: grand theft for the stolen parking boot (which is reportedly worth $350) and operating a motorcycle without a license (he was spotted riding a scooter and arrested last Monday, the day after the car was booted).

Tavoulareas told police the Range Rover was at St. Edward Catholic Church, about half a mile from where the boot had been applied, but refused to explain how the boot had been removed. A local court found him indigent and he was assigned a public defender.

Peter Tavoulareas told the Herald that his brother, while college-educated, "has been having psychological problems."

The family has tried to help him countless times," Tavoulareas said. "We tried to have him move in with family, but it appears he just wants to be homeless."

William Tavoulareas, Jr. graduated from St. John's University and studied at the Royal Institute of International Relations in London and at the London School of Economics, according to his 1988 wedding announcement in the New York Times.

He lived in London and once owned a 70-foot yacht, but following a divorce, he moved to a Miami Beach condominium five years ago. He has been "arrested at least three times on charges of driving the Range Rover without a valid license."

When contacted by a Herald reporter via text message, Tavoulareas said he was relaxing" in Palm Beach and he did not want to discuss his situation.


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