Meet 2 Filipinas Named Among Asia's Most Promising Marketing Executives in 2018

The annual list includes 40 women who have made a large impact in media and communications.

Two Filipina executives of locally-based advertising and marketing companies were included in Women to Watch 2018, a list compiled by marketing and media firm Campaign Asia that highlights 40 female executives that excel in the fields of media, marketing, advertising and communications in the Asia-Pacific region.

“The women on this list are typically not women who have yet reached the very top of their professions. But they’re on their way up, and they’re doing great things, and they’re clearly capable of a lot more,” explained Olivia Parker, deputy editor of Campaign Asia, in a video posted last June. “We want to champion them on their way.”

Among the 40 women highlighted in this year’s list is Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico, CEO of local marketing firm Evident Communications. Campaign Asia highlighted her work with social organizations such as the Jollibee Foundation and the Philippine Business for Education, with Evident’s project with the latter, “Dear Teacher,” netting the company awards from The Boomerangs and Anvil.

Dominguez-Yujuico is also an executive of the Association of Foundations, the Philippines’ oldest network of non-government organizations (NGOs). According to Campaign Asia, she also “regularly assists NGO communicators through pro bono workshops, branding and strategic advisory.”

Joining her in the list is Marivic Garcia, president of OMG Advertising. The company focuses on building physical advertisements such as billboards, banners and installations for large companies. Its clients include Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and major subsidiaries of the Ayala group.

According to Campaign Asia, Garcia’s leadership resulted in OMG Advertising doubling its net income year-on-year for the past three years. Her company was also recognized by the Media Specialists Association of the Philippines, bagging an ICE Award last year.


Campaign Asia started publishing its Women to Watch list in 2012, and it has released five other lists since then. Other Filipina executives that were recognized in previous lists include Francine Kahn-Gonzalez of BBDO Guerrero, Merlee Jayme of DentsuJaymeSyfu and Kate Alconga of IdeasXMachina.


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