Erwan Heussaff Beyond the Fat Kid Inside, By His Sister, Solenn

Solenn Heussaff talks about growing up with the food blogger and restaurateur.
IMAGE Roy Macam

Erwan and I have always been quite close since I’m older than him by just a year and a couple of months.

As a kid, he was always very quiet. My sister and I would pick on him a lot and play tricks on him. At the beach we scared him with shouts of “Shark!” and we encouraged him to do things like pick up goat poo, telling him it was a rock.

Growing up, he always wanted to impress people, especially his two older sisters. He entertained family and friends with funny songs and dances.

As a teenager, Erwan would cover up for me when I went out, or when I made mistakes. He threw lots of parties where he would cook all the food and mix all the drinks. He’s always been a big fan of trying different things, and he’s always made the effort to entertain guests and make them happy.

This progressed through our college years together in Paris. Erwan would cook up a storm at home, and invite friends over who didn’t really eat well at their own places. He did it because he simply loved it. Which was great, except that he hated doing the dishes. Those, he left to me.

Nowadays we are both so busy, but we still see each other at least once or twice a week. He has a more serious demeanor now that he is older, but can still be awkwardly funny. He always thinks out of the box and tries to persuade people to seek different experiences. This is very prevalent when we travel. He books tickets to underground concerts, gets tables at all the “in-the-know” restaurants, and takes us to cocktail bars that even some locals don’t know about yet. He takes care of all the travel logistics to ensure everyone has a great time. He likes authentic experiences, even if they are in out-of-the-way places or uncomfortable ones.


Erwan is genuine and consistent. He has a firm, no-bullshit attitude, and has a very short temper with anyone or anything fake and fabricated. He treats everyone with the same level of respect. And while he is not very vocal about it, he knows how to show his love.

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