Beauty Queen: A Day in the Life of a Cosmetics Marketing Executive

Jackie Rodriguez Avecilla, marketing, and communications manager of Rustan’s cosmetics, perfumery, and toiletries division, on beauty, pampering, and the love of her life.

Jackie Rodriguez Avecilla, marketing, and communications manager of Rustan’s cosmetics, perfumery, and toiletries division, on beauty, pampering, and the love of her life.

What time did you wake up today?
5:15 a.m.

What’s the first thing you usually do when you wake up?
I get my kids ready for school, sit with them while they have their breakfast, and send them off. Then I get myself ready for work and have coffee with my husband.

What are you up to this morning?
Planning the household’s activities for the day—what lunch will be, what dinner should be, ensure that kids’ after-school activities such as soccer, piano, and play dates are planned out.

What time do you head out to work?
Around 8 a.m. since I live in Alabang. While in traffic I start reading my e-mail and reviewing my to-do list for the day.

What was for breakfast?
Fruits and coffee. I can’t start my day without my freshly brewed cup of coffee which my husband Perry makes for me every single morning.

Fashion staples?
A black dress, high heels, slim-fit jeans, a nice dressy top, and a comfy pair of flats.

Newest piece of clothing you’ve bought?
A dress.

Favorite clothing label?

Schutz and Adidas.

Givenchy, YSL, Prada, and Gucci.

Jewelry or watches?
A necklace and a bracelet given by my dad. For watches, Hermès H Hour, IWC Da Vinci, and a Cartier Tank Française which was the first major item I bought for myself 18 years ago.


Any signature accessories?
My engagement and wedding rings, and a Cartier Pasha given by my husband.

What fragrance are you wearing?
Sisley Izia.

Any other favorite scents?
Chanel L’Eau No. 5, Diptyque Florabellio, and Acca Kappa White Moss.

What’s in your makeup bag?
NARS Soft Matte Concealer, Laura Mercier Candle Glow Foundation, NARS Dual Intensity Blush, and Chanel lipstick.

Which five makeup products could you not live without?
Chanel Le Teint Powder, Chanel lipstick, Chanel Joues Contraste Blush, NARS Larger than Life Mascara, and Perricone No Mascara Mascara. I also can’t live without Clarins UV Plus sunscreen.

Favorite beauty brands?
L’Occitane, Clarins, La Prairie, and Sisley.

How do you pamper yourself?
I get regular massages, facials, mani-pedis, and of course, shopping!

What do you do and where do you go to unwind?
We go to the beach.

Any workouts or fitness routines you’re committed to?
Dancing and walking 5 kilometers every Sunday morning. Does running around the mall chasing the kids count?


Any specific diet you follow?
None, but I try to cut down on carbs and sugar.

Tell us about your beauty routine.
During the day I use a cleanser, toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, and sunblock. At night, cleanser, toner, essence, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer.

Any beauty icons?
Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.

Muses or style icons?
Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, and Kate Middleton.

How often do you entertain? What sort of entertaining?
One to two times a month, casual weekend dining with family or friends, with drinks of course.

Entertaining staples?
Wine and cheese.

Your tip to a memorable celebration?
Pay attention to the small details, sometimes they matter the most.

What’s your favorite meal to serve your guests?
Pasta and steak.

Favorite drinks or other meal accompaniments?
Wine with a meal, or vodka on the rocks for after dinner.

Dream dinner guests?
Jack Nicholson and Anthony Hopkins.

What periodicals, magazines do you read regularly?
Town&Country, of course.

From left: Jackie’s favorite candles, makeup products, and skincare, all available at Rustan’s.

What music is on your playlist now?
“Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. Mostly pop songs due to my 8-year-old daughter who took over my phone.

What do you like most about your appearance?
My eyes because they’re big and round. And my dimple.

Lunch today: business or pleasure?

Lunch companions?

Where? What’s on the menu?
We’re having spaghetti Aglio Olio at home.

What do you find particularly meaningful in your line of work?
That we get to introduce the latest luxury beauty products to consumers in the Philippines; that we are able to help teach women how to stay beautiful and confident.

Fill in the blank: if you were not in the marketing field, you would be…
A cosmetic surgeon.

Were there experiences or memories from your childhood and formative years that influenced your choice of career? What compelled you to enter the beauty industry?
My mom. She would always look made up, complete with hair and makeup, even if she was just going to the market.

What is your personal definition of beauty?
Beauty is the good within you that shines.

Greatest challenge of your career?
How to keep innovating in marketing and keeping people excited.

What do you always bring when you travel for work?
My laptop, iPhone, and makeup and skincare products.

Tell us about your family.
It’s a crazy, happy bunch! Perry and I take care of our eldest son Rafael, 9, Gianina, 8, and our youngest, Javier, who is 4. They drive me nuts but I can’t imagine life without them.


What activities do you do with your family?
We love going to the beach and enjoying down time—swimming and building sand castles. We love traveling and exploring new places.

Favorite cities to visit?
Right now, Hong Kong and Tokyo because both have Disneyland, which the kids love.

Favorite splurge?
Massages. Travel.

Signature drink/cocktail?
Vodka on the rocks.

What would your last meal on earth be?
Truffle pasta.

What else are you up to this afternoon?
Getting ready for our European family vacation with my parents who will both celebrate their 70th birthday.

What do you do as soon as you get home?
Kiss my husband and kids.

What do you wear at home?
Shorts and a cotton tee.

What was the prettiest thing you saw today?
My youngest son’s smile.

Guilty pleasures?
Dark chocolate.

Secret fantasies?
A date with Bradley Cooper.

Best decision of your life?
Marrying Perry.


Biggest mistake of your life?
Selling my first-ever pair of Gucci shoes.

Pet peeves?

Were you given any great advice today?
My dad told me to teach my kids to always be generous.

Have you dispensed any advice of your own?
Always dream big and reach for the stars. Work hard and you will reach those dreams.

Who is your dream date?
Tony Stark.

What do you wear to a hot date?
A sexy red dress.

What do you find attractive in the opposite sex?
A strong-willed go-getter with a kind and gentle heart.

Values you appreciate most in a partner?
He must be honest, trustworthy, reliable, and committed.

Love of your life?
My husband Perry.

Where are you having dinner tonight? With whom? What’s for dinner?
At home with the family. We are having tomahawk steak and baked salmon which my husband cooked because I don’t cook.

Most memorable meal. Where? With whom? What was on the menu?
Lake Como with family. We had risotto and red wine.

What else are you up to tonight?

What are you most grateful for today?
My family.

What time are you going to sleep?
10 p.m.

What do you hope to dream about?
A better world for our children.


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