These Girl Friend Groups Are All You'll Ever Need

With friends like these, who needs men?
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When my boyfriend and I broke up, I decided I wanted to stay away from men for a while. That’s when I realized that I didn’t have any close female friends. I hadn’t gone to an all-girls school and I started dating very young. My boyfriend and his guy friends had become my world.

And so I made a conscious effort to develop a whole network of female friends. I sat down and thought about what type of girls I’d like to make friends with, and then I went out and looked for them. Years later, I’m happy to report that I have surrounded myself with different circles of fabulous girl friends.

School pals. Whenever my grade school friends and I get together, we reminisce about the old times. We talk about our old teachers, our old classmates. We laugh at the same old stories and the same old jokes every single time. We don’t really have much in common anymore, but I know they’ll always have my back, and I’ll have theirs. Just because we’ve known each other forever.

Work friends. On a stress-filled day at the office, it’s nice to blow off steam in the lunchroom with the girls. We share our chips and cookies and chocolate with each other. They answer my phone and tell callers I’m out when I need to take a break. We help each other with our work piles when they seem insurmountable. 

Tiger moms. I see these women at school every morning when I bring my son to school and in my Viber groups on my phone practically the whole day. Fortunately, they remind me about parent-teacher conferences and school programs, and they keep me in the loop on other kid-related activities too. They plan play dates and swim classes and out of town trips and bring my kids along. Since I'm a single mom, it's great having so many other surrogate parents while I’m at work.


Exercise sisterhood.  I see these girls twice or thrice a week in dance class and we push each other to keep on working out and looking better. We never really get together outside of class but within those four walls, we’re part of a sisterhood in the battle against the bulge.


Book clubs and other interest groups. I’m a member of a book club (Chapter Chicks), an embroidery club (Stitches and Bitches) and a painting club (no corny name). It’s so interesting to share my different passions with different groups of people, and I get to hone my skills too. It reminds me that life is not all about work.

Eating/drinking army. Not everyone is open to spending a pretty penny on say, shaved truffles, or a great bottle of Burgundy from a good year. And so I have these groups of friends with whom I get together for Bacchanalian feasts. One of my last get-togethers was for a “Get Sick Party” where we ate Reuben sandwiches topped with foie gras, jamon Jabugo, manchego and other good stuff, washed down with a 2006 Saint-Emilion.

Travel pack. These friends have to be chosen carefully since we’re together practically 24/7. But over the years I’ve traveled with different groups of friends with different interests. My shopping-loving and sports-loving friends have long ditched me. So now I have my food-loving and music festival-loving friends. We always have a blast. 

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