6 Health Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Look younger and live a fuller life, like these people who have learned how best to achieve good health.
6 Health Hacks Everyone Should Know About

Youth, beauty, and health remain a powerful currency in today's society. While most people believe it's going to be a steady decline after you've peaked in your 20s or 30s, it's not always entirely the case. While some are lucky at winning the genetic lottery, there are those who rely on discipline, passion, and dedication to achieve overall wellness.

Take health and lifestyle cues from these people whose youthfulness and vibrancy are apparent at every age.

1. Know the source of your food and supplements.

Balance is key when it comes to providing your body the nourishment it needs. Any imbalance can lead to poor performance and can make you vulnerable to diseases. If you want to commit to a healthy lifestyle, fashion designer Hindy Weber Tantoco suggests you start by having a look at your pantry: "Refrain from processed food—anything with MSG, high fructose, corn syrup, bleach, cornstarch, and colorants."

Hindy Weber Tantoco

"In particular, supplements play a key role in one's wellness regimen, too," says Hindy. When it comes to vitamins and minerals, remember that not all supplements are created equal. Getting all-natural, prescription-grade supplements ensures high absorption and utilization of the nutrients by the body, although she cautions that "it's important to have a proper, customized evaluation before you self-medicate."

2. Look after your gut.

Digestion plays a vital role in your overall health. More than that, the gut comprises 70 percent of your immune system. There must be more good bacteria present in your gut than bad bacteria so that your body gets to filter toxins and prevent it from absorbing them. "Despite my healthy eating habits, I was still deficient in many nutrients because I wasn't absorbing them properly," says writer, host, and mother of two Stephanie Zubiri. "I didn't realize how important a healthy gut flora is and how crucial it is to your overall health."

Stephanie Zubiri

Many illnesses in old age, from cancer and diabetes to Alzheimer's and other brain diseases, can be traced to the state of your gut. Probiotics may help prevent all these by addressing your gut health accordingly.

3. Change your eating pattern.

Intermittent fasting has been gaining momentum in the medical world for various health benefits. More than a diet, intermittent fasting makes use of scheduled eating plans, helping you test your self-control and overcome your limits while giving your body a healthy restart. This can mean eating within an 8- or 10-hour window and fasting for the rest of the day. Ideal eating patterns vary depending on a person's lifestyle.

Lisa Macuja

At 52, Lisa Macuja, a renowned Filipina prima ballerina, for instance, is the embodiment of the graceful art she has long been championing. "I was a professional ballerina for 32 years. Of course, I needed to take care of my body," she says. "I ate what I wanted, but in small portions, and I avoided feeling full at night before going to sleep. My meals were taken twice a day, breakfast and an early dinner. I also had my vitamin supplements and drank a lot of water."

4. Set your sleep time and duration according to sleep cycles.

In order to live young and live passionately, your body must undergo optimum rest and recovery every night. Waking up refreshed is all about timing. Sleep has a lot of science to it, and there's a trick to reap its best benefits. First, know that one sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes or 1.5 hours, and you go through several cycles in a night. Completing sleep cycles before waking up is the key to feeling refreshed and alert the next day. This means it's better to wake up after 3 hours (2 sleep cycles), 4.5 hours (3 sleep cycles), 6 hours (4 sleep cycles), 7.5 hours (5 sleep cycles), or 9 hours (6 sleep cycles) because these are in multiples of 90 minutes. You may opt to take advantage of sleep cycle apps on your phones to track your sleep patterns or consult your doctor to help you improve your resting period.

Sara Black

Take it from photographer Sara Black, who sees to it that her body gets ample rest by having a four-day work week followed by three days of rest and recreation. "This keeps me at a high level of productivity and creativity," she attests.

5. Determine if your body is built for high- or low-impact exercises.

It makes a world of difference when you are doing the proper workout for your body. High-impact activities not suited for some may cause joint and knee problems, so instead, resistance training is recommended. This builds muscles without the joint impact. Keep in mind that your energy and youth are reflected by how you move, and not just by the bulk of your muscles.

Andy Leuterio

It is also important to note that commitment is needed to achieve optimum results. "Usually in the first six weeks, you need to get used to the routine of training. You cannot expect quick results," advises triathlon coach Andy Leuterio, who is proof that you don't need to do a 180-degree lifestyle change to become actively fit again.

6. Invest in optimizing your health now to avoid disease rather than treating disease in the future.

Your health is as distinct as your personality—addressing your needs cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach. Here is where BioBalance comes to help with its signature health solutions, all anchored on nutritional science and designed by experts in anti-aging and nutritional medicine. It has programs such as Nutrient Optimization, Weight Management, Optimal Gut Care, and more. Each one is tailored to provide you with high-quality supplements and guide you in your diet, workout, and overall health—all without the guesswork.

Albert Martinez

Living a healthy lifestyle is an investment worth noting for the intangible rewards you can get. Actor and BioBalance ambassador Albert Martinez wraps it all for us quite nicely, "You should watch what you eat as much as plan when you eat to be in optimum health. It's also good to take the necessary supplements your body requires."

Dr. Theodore B. Achacoso, Medical Director of BioBalance Philippines together with the BioBalance medical team: Dr. Anna Cristina A. Tuazon, PsyD, Dr. Rolando A. Balburias, M.D., Dr. Stanley A. Chua, M.D., and Dr. Paulita V. Baclig, M.D.

Like Lisa, Hindy, Sara, Albert, Andy, and Stephanie, you, too, can get better with age. Visit BioBalance at their new and improved facility at the lower ground level, Shangri-La Plaza East Wing. You can also visit their official website, Facebook page, and Instagram for more information. For inquiries, you may reach them at +632 650 4858.

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