20 Questions With Atticus King

The T&C bachelor on the challenges of running drive-in hotels and the things he wants you to know him for.

1. What’s the most challenging factor about running this business?
Consistency. Our goal is to delight our guests every time. It sounds really simple and boring, but being able to deliver a consistent level of delight is harder than I would have ever imagined.

2. Did you always know you would play an active role in “the family business”?
It was always an option. My father never pushed us to work, but he introduced the idea to us by making us work for what we wanted early on. I would buy my toys by inspecting hotel rooms when I was a kid.

3. Do you see yourself doing anything else?
Music and movement. My grandfather on my mom’s side, Robert del Rosario, invented the sing-along system, now known as karaoke. I picked up the music bug from him. Part of me wishes I could be a pro musician and tour the world, but work is the priority. I still play occasionally when friends invite me to do a gig or record tracks. I’m also a big fan of movement in all forms, except for endurance-based sports. I’d join the circus if I could.


4. What sort of music do you play?
I specialize more in rock and blues but I love electronica and progressive metal.

5. Do you compose music yourself?
Yes I do, but not as often as I wish.

6. How often do you workout?
About once a week.

7. What other things do you do to stay in shape?
I watch what I eat and I fast regularly. You can get in shape without exercising if you watch your diet and fast. But the synergy of both exercise and movement will deliver faster results.

8. What would people be most surprised to find about you?
I’m a geek. I love technology. I have about four computers. I regularly read comics and books.

9. Biggest guilty pleasure?

10. Dream car?
A vintage Camaro.

11. Favorite watering hole?

12. Favorite artists?
It depends on the mood I want. Animals as Leaders, Periphery, and Skrillex for working out, Dave Matthews, Joshua Redman, Pat Metheny for chilling, David Guetta, Bruno Mars, and Maroon 5 for happy vibes.


13. Your idea for a band of your own, how did it start?
My best friend and I fell in love with a band called Guns N’ Roses when we were kids. We both wanted to be the guitar player, Slash.

14. You’re active with your advocacy, Chosen Children’s Village in Silang, Cavite. Why did you choose that particular charity?
It’s a home for children who have been abandoned or given up for adoption. Most of them have physical or mental disabilities. That’s why I support them. They really need our help to live. I go once a quarter, but I send my team more often to make donations.

15. One thing you wish people would do more often?
Remember that we should evolve into better versions of ourselves as we age.

16. Biggest risk you’ve taken?
Opening a motel and renting the spot instead of owning the land.


17. Biggest achievement?
Nothing comes to mind.

18. Best advice you’ve received?
Don’t focus on the money.

19. What’s on your bucket list?
Stepping on the moon.

20. Complete this sentence: I like my job, but I’d rather be...?
Traveling the world, playing music.

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