Where Will Meghan Markle Stay the Night Before Her Wedding?

Per tradition, the royal bride-to-be will spend the evening apart from her groom.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle clearly aren't afraid to stray from tradition. Following their engagement announcement, Kensington Palace even issued a statement saying that the marriage celebration would "reflect the characters of the Bride and Groom," indicating this is not going to be a cookie-cutter event.

But when it comes to the night before the wedding, the royal couple is reportedly keeping things strictly by the book and spending the evening apart.

On the eve of her 2011 wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton slept at the posh Goring Hotel in London, but Markle will likely spend the night a little closer to Windsor. Here are a few places she might stay:


According to Elle's UK edition, there are several apartments within Markle's venue where the bride-to-be could stay prior to her nuptials. Windsor is clearly an important place for the couple, so it would make sense for Markle and her family to spend time there in advance of the wedding. (Plus, it ensures she'll be on time for the ceremony on May 19.)

"As with all members of the Royal Family, Windsor is a very special place for Prince Harry and he and Ms. Markle have regularly spent time there over the last year and a half," reads a statement from Kensington Palace.

Windsor Castle

"Prince Harry and Ms. Markle are delighted that the beautiful grounds of Windsor Castle will be where they begin their lives together as a married couple."

Should Markle choose to stay at Windsor Castle, she'll be following in the footsteps of Autumn Kelly, who slept in the Windsor apartments before 2008 wedding to the Queen's grandson, Peter Phillips.


Located just about a mile from Windsor Castle, the Royal Lodge is another possible option for Markle's final night as a single lady, albeit an unlikely one. While the Lodge was once a favorite residence of the Queen Mother, it is now the official home of the Duke of York.


Prior to her wedding to Prince Edward in June of 1999, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and her family stayed at the Royal Lodge, while her groom-to-be reportedly slept at Windsor Castle.


Much like Windsor, Frogmore House holds significant meaning for the royal couple, given that they took their engagement photos there.

The royal residence, which is located in Home Park of Windsor Castle (so, very close to Markle's wedding venue), was originally bought for Queen Charlotte by her husband George III in 1792 as a country retreat, and has remained in the family ever since. For a short time, Frogmore House was the rumored location of Prince Harry and Markle's wedding reception before it was announced they would be using St. George's Hall at Windsor for the event. 


While it's likely that Markle will stay outside the city, London is just an hour by car from Windsor Castle. Should the bride-to-be like to sleep a little closer to home on the night before her wedding, it's also a feasible option.

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