Sarah Ferguson's Proudest Moment at Princess Eugenie's Wedding Is Very Touching

The Princess's mother loved that Eugenie was able to make a statement with her dress.

Sarah Ferguson is a very proud mom (or mum, as it were).

The Duchess of York revealed a lot in her recent interview with the Daily Mail, but the most heartfelt quotes were reserved for her youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie.

"I always went to weddings and thought: 'Why is the mother-of-the-bride crying?'" she said. "But I completely understand why now. It’s because it’s so amazing to think your daughter is now grown up, leaving home and starting her own life."

Princess Eugenie enters St. George's Chapel with her father, Prince Andrew.

And Fergie couldn't be happier with the woman her daughter has grown to be. "My proudest moment was watching Eugenie standing tall, very proud to show her scoliosis scar in her low-backed dress," she revealed. "I’d gone to all the fittings and sat there beaming with delight, and because there was no veil it was a very strong statement."

It's true: when all eyes were on Eugenie's Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara and Peter Pilotto gown, it was easy to miss the absence of a veil. As her mother notes, she chose to ditch the garment in order to show off a scar on her back—the result of the scoliosis surgery she underwent at age 12.

The Princess opened up earlier in the year about her experience on Instagram, sharing photos of her x-rays for the first time, and thanking the doctors who healed her.

Like any good royal, Eugenie checked to make sure the decision was in-bounds, if unconventional. "We rang St. George’s Chapel to make sure there wasn’t a special rule specifying veils must be worn," Fergie said, "but there wasn’t and Eugenie just wanted to be herself."

Not that it would've mattered in her mother's eyes. "She was just so radiant," Fergie shared.

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