10 Rare Photos of Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana Royal Fans Haven't Seen Before

Princess of Wales and Duchess of York were quite close for a number of years.

Prior to Princess Diana's tragic death in 1997, it was believed that the People's Princess was good pals with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. Taking a look back at some of their pictures together, it becomes evident just how close the two were at one point during their marriages to the princes of England.

Hanging out at the Polo Club.

Just over two weeks before Diana's wedding to Prince Charles in 1981, the regal pals wandered around the grounds of England's Cowdray Park Polo Club. By this time, Town and Country reports that the two had already reconnected and rekindled their friendship after attending school together as adolescents. Together, they shared a lot of friends and common interests.

Laughing while watching the game.

Once again, the two were seen giggling and conversing while watching polo (that Prince Charles competed in) in Windsor. One can only imagine what they were talking about...

Fergie can't stop with the jokes.

There must've been an inside joke between the royals that had to do with polo, because the smiles never stopped when they watched the sport together. Especially considering what Diana went through with the Charles and Camilla affair in the mid-'80s, it's nice to see a pic of her looking genuinely happy.

Sometimes, Prince William got in on the fun.

Like when Diana and Fergie visited Sarah's then-fiancé Prince Andrew on the HMS Brazen in London in February 1986. Luckily, the young prince (in his itty bitty pea coat!) was able to get a tour as well.

Skiing was always a blast for the pair.

In between their various royal duties, Diana, Charles, Sarah, and Andrew frequently took holiday ski trips in Klosters, Switzerland. Despite having both couples present, the photos from one trip in 1987 seem to suggest that Fergie and Diana had much more fun than the boys.

They weren't afraid to get goofy.

In this pic, Diana appears to be trying (though hilariously not succeeding) to knock Sarah over. Perhaps they were racing to the bottom of the slope?

One year later, the same shenanigans.

The two were all smiles again for their annual Swiss vacation in 1988. One reason why they were seen laughing together? The Duchess said the Princess of Wales had "one of the quickest wits" and that "nobody made her laugh like she [Diana] did."

Braving the winds together.

Diana and Fergie also appeared to be Derby Day partners in crime. In subsequent photographs, the two laughed and joked with each other (and made sure their fashionable hats didn't fly away) as they shook hands with various British aristocrats and royals.

Making fashion statements together.

Royal fans know Diana left an ever-lasting mark on regal fashion. But right alongside her was Sarah, who also was a big fan of vibrant colors and big hats. Besides being notable fashionistas in the '80s, the two also became known as royal rebels. Popsugar reports that at the 1987 Ascot, they were caught laughing and poking well-dressed guests with their umbrellas.

It's clear who Diana wants to sit by for Christmas Mass.

Diana shoots a sideways grin to her pal as the two talk with the priest before the Christmas service at St Georges Chapel in Windsor.

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