The Real Reason the Seat Next to Prince William Was Empty at the Royal Wedding

It wasn't a nod to Diana.

The late Princess Diana was clearly top of mind yesterday morning as her son Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in St. George's Chapel of Windsor Castle. But some Twitter users were so keen to spot tributes to the groom's late mother, that they invented them.

As soon as the royal wedding started this morning, tweets started rolling in asking if the empty seat next to Prince William was in honor of Princess Diana.

But in reality, that open spot was an issue of protocol, and an example of how much of a boss the Queen is.

"Btw - I’ve seen some reports about the spare seat by Prince William in the chapel as having being left in memory of Princess Diana. It wasn’t empty for that reason. The seat in front of the Queen is always left empty, I am told by BP #royalwedding," royal reporter Rebecca English shared.


When asked to clarify, English shared, "She needs to be seen — and the seat she was sitting in today is her favourite seat in that chapel, apparently!"

That said, the wedding did pay homage to the late Diana through several touching details. First, in Meghan's bouquet. The collection of blooms, some of which Prince Harry picked himself, included Forget-Me-Nots which were reportedly Diana's favorite flower.

"The couple specifically chose them to be included in Ms. Markle’s bouquet to honour the memory of the late Princess on this special day," reads a statement from Kensington Palace.

Additionally, Diana's sister gave a reading during the ceremony, and of course, Markle's stunning engagement ring features diamonds from Diana's personal collection.

*This story originally appeared on Townandcountrymag.com

*Minor edits have been made by the Townandcountry.ph editors

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