From Kate's Dresses to Meghan's Nose: Royal Copycats and Obsessions
An online community called 'repliKate' can get the Duchess' look for less.

The world is obsessed with the royals. Massive press coverage and corresponding readers' reactions are proof of this fixation. But sometimes it can take a strange turn when fans go over the top.

Baby name odds

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The announcement of Duchess Kate’s pregnancy brought out well-wishers to share their excitement. Just an hour after the news, bookmaker William Hill also made his announcement of odds for the upcoming royal’s name. In fact, there’s even a webpage dedicated to the name guessing. According to Oddschecker.com, the top choices are currently Alice, Fredrick, Arthur, Fred, Frederick, Victoria, Albert, Elizabeth, Alex, and Alexandra. Even gender comes into play, with an equal bet on whether the new royal will be male or female.

Memorabilia collectors

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Royal memorabilia can make nice souvenirs but some people have made it their mission to accumulate the items. Seventy-one-year-old Margaret Tyler has been collecting royal memorabilia for over 40 years, amassing $13,000 worth of novelties. Her collection encompasses a total of four rooms in her small terraced house. She tells Daily Mail, “I just love it! Not even the dusting gets me down.”

As the most prominent modern royal, the late Princess Diana has a fair share of devotees. Jo and Ken Dobson from Gloucestershire are often referred to as the late princess’ biggest fans, with their Diana memorabilia-filled house.

Television shows

Numerous award-winning movies about the royals have been made. The Queen, The King’s Speech, Mrs. Brown, and Victoria and Abdul all come to mind but royals have also been the subject of lesser quality television series and movies.

The Windsors, a comedy-soap-parody of the British Royal Family, is aptly billed as a show that “imagines the royal family as you've never seen them before.” In the show, royals are depicted as crude characters behind closed palace doors. The show parodies Prince Charles, Prince William, Duchess Camilla, Duchess Kate, Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and even Meghan Markle.


Duchess Kate's style

As the latest “commoner” to join the British royal family, Kate Middleton has been the focus in recent years. Her engagement sparked countless reproductions of the iconic blue sapphire ring, and her Alexander McQueen Sarah Burton-designed wedding dress will be copied by many brides for years to come.

But Katie Kingston from Edmonton, Canada takes the cake for copying the Duchess’ style.

First reported by Mirror, Kingston has copied more than 45 of Duchess Kate’s outfits. It all started after the 34-year-old mother of two saw Kate’s blue engagement Issa wrap dress in November 2010. She has since become part of an online community called ‘repliKate’ that gets the Duchess’ look for less. “I feel good when I wear Kate’s clothes, and know I’m well dressed.” She continues, “It’s great knowing a princess has worn the same thing as me.”

'Markle Nose'

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Though it’s been a hot minute since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, royal superfans are already emulating the American bride-to-be. Cosmopolitan Philippines reports that Markle’s features have been increasingly requested in cosmetic clinics all over.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg told Allure, "Patients started coming to me about six months ago requesting Meghan Markle's nose." He said, "She has a pretty great nose, but I think the beauty of it is that it isn't perfect. From the profile, you can see that she has a very slight dorsal hump of the nose that is almost undetectable when looking at her straight on."

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