What Does the Royal Family Gift One Another for Christmas?

A sense of humor is required.

Being a member of the royal family doesn't preclude you from the stresses of gift giving. And while life in the House of Windsor might be regulated by rules and tradition, the annual Christmas gift exchange for Queen Elizabeth's family has a lighter, less formal tone.

In fact, the Windsors have a penchant for giving each other cheeky gifts to celebrate the holiday because when you already own the Crown Jewels, the next best thing is a laugh.

Every year on Christmas Eve, members of the royal family gather at the Sandringham Estate where they exchange presents following afternoon tea. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren reportedly take part in their gift exchange on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, in a nod to their German ancestry.

The family is said to gather in the red drawing room at 6 p.m., where gifts have been secretly laid out for each family member. But that's where the staid family traditions end because the Windsors like a gift with an admittedly silly tone.


For example, The Mirror reports Prince Harry gifted his granny a shower cap that had "Ain't Life a B****" emblazoned across the front. And it has also been reported that before Prince Harry was dating Meghan Markle, his sister-in-law Kate Middleton gave him a "Grow Your Own Girlfriend" gift as a gag.

Other silly presents that have been exchanged over the years according to The Mirror include a leather toilet seat, which Princess Anne once gave her older brother Prince Charles, and a leopard print bath mat, which Fergie received from Princess Diana.

The only question that remains: what will Meghan Markle be getting everyone this year?

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