Here's What the New Royal Baby Could Be Called

Bookies are already taking bets.

Not hours after Kensington Palace shared the news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expecting their third child, oddsmakers in the UK were already taking bets on what the new little prince or princess might be named.

"Royal baby betting is big business and when Prince George was born, we took over £1 million. Turnover looks set to spike again," Joe Crilly, spokesperson for UK betting site William Hill, said. "Most of the names towards the top of the betting are ones which have been popular the last two times around and we expect they will be again."

Case in point: Alice seems to be an early favorite, with William Hill currently placing it at 10 to 1 odds. It was a popular prediction last time Kate was pregnant as well, given that Alice has a royal pedigree—it was the name of both Queen Elizabeth's aunt and Prince Philip's mother—but it doesn't sound too stuffy.

Other girl names with good odds include Elizabeth, which would be seen as a tribute to the baby's great-grandmother; Victoria, a very royal name; or Alexandra.

For a boy, bookies are favoring Arthur, which is one of William's middle names, and, of course, a legendary king; Philip, after the baby's great-grandfather; Henry, which would be seen as a nod to the baby's uncle Harry; and James, after several monarchs of England and Duchess Kate's brother.

Diana also seems to be in the mix once again, though it would be unlikely, given that one of Princess Charlotte's middle names is Diana.

If you're looking to place a bet on the baby's name (or gender for that matter) keep in mind that lines are likely to change in the coming months. The new royal is expected to arrive sometime next spring.

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