Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Never Misses an Episode of This Show

It has nothing to do with royal families or riches.

Everyone is in need of a little R&R every so often, and everyone has his or her own preference of how to unwind after a long day of work.

For some, it may be drawing a warm bath and soaking in bubbles; for others, isolating themselves in the study and catching up on the news of the day; for some, it may be reading trashy novels; and for others, it’s as simple as planting themselves on the couch and losing themselves in their favorite television shows.

That last one seems to be Queen Elizabeth’s choice. What’s on her television schedule? She regularly tunes in for a British reality game show called Coach Trip.

The show’s host, Brendan Sheerin, reportedly tells the Sun she’s heard that the Queen enjoys the show so much, she has it recorded while she’s away. It’s already been revealed in the past that the Queen is supposedly a fan of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, Doctor Who, EastEnders, and possibly, Netflix’s The Crown. She’s also a fan of the quiz show Pointless, which airs just before the evening news on BBC.

Already on its 12th year, Coach Trip is a travel reality show where four to seven pairs embark on a coach tour of Europe together and tick off tourist attractions on each show. By the end of an episode, the couples vote off one pair they wish to be ejected from the show. The losing pair is replaced by another couple right then and there. Essentially, the contestants are motivated to stay on the show for a free holiday. Sheerin guides the contestants and appears on every episode.


The game show host-slash-tour guide is a fan of Her Majesty himself and tells The Sun, “I’ve heard the Queen has it recorded in when she’s away. It makes me so proud as I love the Queen. I think she’s an amazing lady, especially all the good things she’s done for this country. She’s phenomenal.”

This brings us to the question: Will the Queen ever participate in a game show herself? Probably not, but it’s great to see that she supports them.

h/t: Royal Central

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