Queen Elizabeth Has Multiple iPods
One can only imagine what's on her playlist.

At first, the above image appears to be a completely innocuous photo of Queen Elizabeth II shaking hands with General Sir Peter Cosgrove, the Governor-General of Australia, during a private meeting at Balmoral Castle earlier this month.

But a second glance reveals that the 91-year-old British monarch is perhaps hipper than we realized.

Why yes, that is an iPod in the Balmoral drawing room.

In fact, according to Vogue, the Queen has two of the music storage devices (you may remember them as the thing you had before you had an Iphone). The Obamas gave Elizabeth an iPod back in 2009, pre-loaded with footage from her 2007 visit to the United States and a selection of songs.

Apparently, the music fan already had one.

"Mr. and Mrs. Obama meeting the Queen, bringing her a gift, an iPod; turns out she’s already got one," Anderson Cooper said at the time.

Dignitary gifting drama aside, let's ruminate on what songs the Queen considers a bop.

The present from Obama reportedly included tunes from the musicals The Sound of Music, Cabaret, Fiddler on the Roof, and Oklahoma!

And as royal biographer Ingrid Seward told Vogue, "The Queen is a big fan of musicals, traditional hymns, and Scottish ballads, and even the Beach Boys’s songs, especially ‘California Girls,’" which is all well and good, but we still like to picture QE2 grooving to ABBA's "Dancing Queen" or perhaps even listening to a podcast every once in a while.

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