Spain's 13-Year-Old Princess Leonor Makes Her First Public Speech

Her father, King Felipe, stood proudly beside her.

At 13, I was panicking about giving a book report in front of my middle school class. But for Princess Leonor of Spain, the stakes are a little higher.

All eyes were on the young Princess this morning, when she arrived to deliver her first public address. As the heir to the throne, Princess Leonor de Borbón's first step into her royal role is a particularly memorable milestone.

She chose a suitably important occasion to make her debut: the 40th anniversary of Spain’s Constitution, which was being recognized at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid. After her father, King Felipe, read the Constitution's preamble, the Princess stepped up to the podium. She read the first of the 169 articles of Spain's Carta Magna, speaking in "a firm voice."

King Felipe applauds his daughter.

Like any proud parent, King Felipe was beaming at his daughter. He certainly knows the pressure she's under, as he also delivered his first public address at 13, back in 1981. Following her reading, he began to applaud, and she grinned right back.

Offstage, Leonor's mother, Queen Letizia, and her 11-year-old sister Princess Sofia were also on hand to support the Princess.

Leonor's address is the latest in a number of recent events designed to groom her for her future role. Just this summer, she attended summer camp with her sister in the United States, in the hopes that she would gain "new knowledge and experiences."

Princess Leonor receives the Order of Golden Fleece from King Felipe VI.

Not long before that, the young heir received the Order of the Golden Fleece from King Felipe. "Today, Leonor, you are taking a very important and symbolic step towards your future role," he said. "I know it may seem like you have lots of challenges and responsibilities to face... [But] know that you have my complete trust and that I feel so immensely proud to have presented this Order of the Golden Fleece to you this morning."

Now there's a proud royal papa for you.

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