28 Sweet Photos of Princess Estelle, the Young Royal Second in Line for the Swedish Throne

See Estelle's best moments here.

Princess Estelle seems to have been born with a little bit of sass. The young royal has been taking adorable, entertaining photos since she was born in 2012, and is only getting more precocious with age. Here, a selection of some of Estelle's best moments.

Crown Princess Victoria shared this sweet photo of Estelle in celebration of Easter. Victoria took the photo during a "weekend walk" on Öland, an island in Sweden.

During Prince Daniel's Race and Pep Day, her father's event that encourages children to get active, Princess Estelle enjoys some time on a skateboard.

During her mother's 41st birthday celebration at a sports arena in Oland, Sweden, Estelle spends quality time with her father, Prince Daniel.

Estelle gives the crowd a thumbs up at King Carl Gustav's 72nd birthday celebration, amusing Queen Silvia.

Princess Estelle smells a flower during her mother, Crown Princess Victoria's name day celebration.

While King Carl Gustaf enjoys the celebrations for Princess Victoria's 40th birthday, Estelle looks at him, thoroughly unamused.

Crown Princess Victoria wipes something off of Princess Estelle's cheek during a celebration for Victoria's name day.

The Swedish royal family attends a concert in honor of Princess Victoria's 39th birthday—and poor Estelle must have been told to protect her young ears.

Princess Estelle arrives at Solliden Palace in Oland, Sweden for Princess Victoria's birthday celebration, festive balloon in hand.

Estelle playing on the grounds of Solliden Palace.

Princess Estelle arrives at the royal palace for the christening of Prince Oscar, her younger brother.

At an event in honor of King Carl Gustaf's 70th birthday, Princess Estelle seems to be making side-eyes at her family members.

At her mother's 38th birthday celebrations, Princess Estelle plays with a dog.

Princess Estelle plays with an umbrella for the camera.

Estelle, in her father's arms, gives a spirited wave to the crowd outside the royal palace chapel.

Princess Estelle and Crown Princess Victoria attend the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden—and it seems Estelle is ready to cheer for the home team.

Princess Estelle of Sweden celebrates her third birthday at La Haga Palace with a friendly snowball fight.

Estelle is still getting a hang of skiing, but it doesn't seem to get her down.

Princess Estelle skips along on the grounds of Solliden, celebrating her mother's birthday.

Prince Daniel helps his daughter blow bubbles.

After Estelle's cousin, Princess Leonore, was baptized, the Swedish royal family poses outside the royal chapel. (With the exception of Estelle, who seems much more interested in the gravel than any photo opportunity.)

Victoria and Estelle, celebrating the opening of a "Fairytale Path" in Mjolby, Sweden, come across a friendly sculpture.

Princess Estelle accepts some flowers from a fellow toddler.

Estelle peeks over the railing at the ATP Stockholm Open finals.

Prince Daniel holds up Estelle during King Carl Gustaf's 40th jubilee at the royal palace in Stockholm.

Estelle plays with a band of beads during her mother's 36th birthday party at Solliden.

At the Nordic Ski World Championships in Cavalese, Italy, a young Estelle braves the cold with a full-on jumpsuit.

Prince Daniel kisses his dauther during his wife's 35th birthday celebrations at Solliden.

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