Here's a Look at Princess Diana's Most Treasured Belongings

Diana's cassette collection and a pair of her ballet shoes are among the treasured items featured in the exhibition.

A collection of rarely seen personal items belonging to Diana, Princess of Wales will go on display at Buckingham Palace this summer.

The tribute to the late princess marks the 20th anniversary of her death and remembers the many official duties Diana carried out in support of the Queen. It will be held in the Music Rooms, which will be open to the public as part of the annual Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace, and many of the items on show have been chosen by Prince William and Prince Harry.

The centre piece of the collection is the desk where Diana wrote letters in her sitting room at Kensington Palace. On it are a number of photos of her sons, as well as the blue letter rack which contains her cypher-embossed writing paper and envelopes.

A small case of Diana's favorite cassette tapes is also featured in the display, with albums by Diana Ross, Elton John, and George Michael, as well as a few classical works, among those included.

Her love of dance is highlighted with a pair of ballet shoes, which used to hang on the door of her sitting room in Kensington Palace, and other treasured objects include a Cartier calendar, which was a gift to the Princess from President Reagan during an official visit to US in 1985.

A wooden school trunk bearing the name 'D Spencer' is another of the unique artifacts selected by her sons.


The exhibition will run alongside a display of more than 200 gifts given to the Queen during her 65-year reign. Highlights from the Royal Gifts show include a paperweight made from a fossilized dinosaur bone and the Union Flag badge worn in space by Major Tim Peake.

The Summer Opening of the state rooms at Buckingham Palace, including both exhibitions, will take place from July 22 through October 1.

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