Princess Charlotte and Prince George Will Have Their Own Tree to Decorate This Christmas

Their grandmother, Carole Middleton, revealed a few details about the family's holiday celebrations.

Why fight over the look of a single Christmas tree, when everyone can have their own?

That appears to be the logic employed by Carole Middleton, mother to Kate, and grandmother to George, Charlotte, and Louis. In her first-ever interview with The Telegraph, Carole offered a few small ideas about what Christmas at the Middleton's will be like—and multiple trees were among them.

Kate, Will, Charlotte, and George attend a Christmas day service at St. Marks Church in 2016

Carole apparently adores Christmas trees and likes to have a large number of them in her home during the holidays. That includes one in the grandchildren's room, "so that they can decorate it themselves." The results of Princess Charlotte and Prince George's designs are sure to be delightful, in the same way that a child's art is—the stranger, the more charming.

Another item of interest is the Christmas day menu. Carole has recently become vegan/flexitarian (flexitarian is a new term, used to describe those who are nearly always on a restricted diet but will occasionally eat meat). Carole noted that for Christmas, "I’d probably have two options–very traditional and something vegan." For lunch, she'll offer "champagne and smoked salmon." And her holiday "essentials" include mulled wine and mince pies, so it's likely they'd be on order as well.

Carole Middleton with Pippa and Kate in 2011

She also shared what she'd be wearing on the day of: something close to the red Goat dress she wore for the photoshoot. The prim style wouldn't look out of place in Kate's wardrobe, either.

Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrate Christmas with the Middleton family every other year—half the time, of course, they make the annual royal family jaunt to Sandringham.

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