Newly Released Photo of Prince Charles and Princess Anne Proves the Royal Siblings Love a Good Laugh

It's one of a series of family portraits released in honor of Charles's 70th birthday.

Prince Charles clearly enjoyed himself at this year's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting back in April.

Just a few days after a clip of the Prince of Wales pranking his sister Princess Anne at the formal opening surfaced, a new photo, taken by Getty's royal photographer Chris Jackson shows the brother-sister pair having a laugh together before the reception.

"This was not just a one-off picture either," Jackson explained in an interview with the Sunday Times. "They were laughing for about five minutes together, really joking around."

As royal reporter Roya Nikkhah notes in the story, the royal siblings' cheerful demeanor contradicts rumors that the pair has a rough relationship, a conflict which allegedly stemmed from their differing views on GMOs. (Ann is for; Charles is against.)

The candid snapshot is part of a larger photo series taken by Jackson over the past year in honor of Prince Charles's 70th birthday, a project clearly aimed at projecting the softer side of the Prince and heir apparent to the British throne as he prepares to become king.

"I’ve spent much of the last year documenting some intimate and ‘behind the scenes’ moments with The Prince of Wales to celebrate his 70th Birthday," Jackson wrote of the experience. "It really has been an incredible privilege to create such a unique set of images and a huge amount of fun at the same time."

Other highlights of the collection include sweet new photos of Charles interacting with his youngest grandchild, Prince Louis, and even scenes of the Prince of Wales feeding his chickens. See a few of the photos below:


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