Princess Anne Proves, Once Again, That She's the Hardest Working Royal

Queen Elizabeth's only daughter gets it done.

While the press fawns over Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, Princess Anne has been making things happen — just not in the view of the spotlight.

In an analysis conducted by The Telegraph, Princess Anne was revealed to have worked 180 days in 2018—more than any other member of the royal family. It's also a solid 20 days more than heir apparent Prince Charles, whose son Prince Harry called "The man never stops."

Anne also came out on top in 2017, racking up 455 official appearances at events, dinners, and receptions at home, with an additional 85 engagements overseas. Her total of 540 appearances even trumped those of Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton combined.

Princess Anne with the Queen at Royal Ascot in 2018.

That said, Anne has always had her special way of approaching these events. Unlike Meghan, for example, who doesn't hesitate to receive crowds, Princess Anne doesn't shake hands with her fans.

This isn't a new thing—Anne's stuck by this efficient approach from the jump. "We never shook hands. The theory was that you couldn’t shake hands with everybody, so don’t start," she said the documentary Queen of the World.

Princess Anne attends the Commissioning Ceremony of HMS Queen Elizabeth in 2017.

"So I kind of stick with that, but I noticed others don’t. It's not for me to say that it's wrong, but I think the initial concept was that it was patently absurd to start shaking hands. And it seems to me that it's become a shaking hands exercise rather than a walkabout if you see what I mean, so that it has changed," she said.

You have to hand it to her—Anne is nothing if not practical.

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