Watch Prince Harry Sing King George III's Song at the Hamilton Sentebale Gala

Here's how Prince Harry is related to the real King George III.

Before Prince Harry thanked the crowd at last night's Hamilton gala performance, he delighted the audience by singing a few notes of King George III's song, "You'll Be Back."

"You say..." Prince Harry starts, before the theater erupts in applause and laughter. Watch the clip here:

Creator of the show Lin Manuel Miranda later posted a video of Harry's performance with the caption "King George III’s great-great-great-great-great-great grandson The Duke Of Sussex sang a few bars tonight #HamiltonLDN ????"

Unfortunately, Harry doesn't finish out the tune, which is something of a Brit pop breakup letter from America's last King to the colonies. Instead, he very earnestly goes on to thank everyone involved in this evening's event, which raised money for his charity Sentebale. 

"Ladies and Gentleman, thank you so much," he says. "You have together raised a huge amount of money to change the lives of thousands of children in Bostwana and Lethoso. And through that work that we're going to be doing now, we'll be able to stop the generational hand down of stigma around HIV."

The Duke of Sussex is actually related to King George III multiple times over. King George III is both Harry's 6x great-grandfather and his 5x great grandfather, among other relations. To break it down a bit, George was the grandfather of Queen Victoria, who is the great-great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth, who is, of course, the grandmother of Prince Harry. (Queen Victoria is also Philip's great-great-grandmother, so Harry gets that connection through both his grandparents.)

George III is also the grandfather of Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, who was the mother of Queen Mary of Teck and Queen Elizabeth's great-grandmother.

Clearly Harry doesn't mind that Hamilton pokes fun at his distant relative—this was his second time seeing the production.


In fact, according to royal reported Emily Andrews, Meghan "told one of the cast that Harry loves the show and now can’t stop singing all the songs."

See a few photos of Harry and Meghan visiting with the cast and crew of Hamilton(including the actor who played King George III), below.

Initially, Miranda was a bit concerned about bringing Hamilton to the U.K., given its portrayal of a former monarch as a Brit pop-singing buffoon.

“Helen Mirren was one of the first people to see Hamilton,” Miranda told The Guardian in 2017.“She saw it very early and I said, ‘If we’re lucky enough to go to London, are they going to be bothered by King George?’ And she said, ‘Nahhh! We love it when you take the piss!’” (For those who don't know, "take the piss" is a rather colorful British idiom which means to make a joke.)

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