The Queen's Representative Said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Relationship Is 'Marvelous'

Canada's Governor General appeared with Harry at the Invictus Games.

The Duke of Cambridge isn't the only one to publicly support his brother's relationship with Megan Markle. Following the couple's appearance at the Invictus Games opening ceremony on Saturday, the Queen's representative in Canada has described the royal romance as "marvelous."

David Johnston, Canada's Governor General, was seated near the prince at the event in Toronto, where Markle films the legal drama Suits. Although the actress did join Harry at the ceremony, they were not seated together.

"We were seated beside one another with the PM and his wife and the First Lady of the US," Johnston told ITV News. "My wife and myself and he (Harry) was alone but you say, I gather, there was a young lady in the audience who was watching him with great interest."

Markle's appearance at the Invictus Games marks her first step into the royal spotlight and it's likely to spark further rumors around an engagement announcement. When asked what the relationship might mean for Canada and the UK in the future, Johnston said he hopes it will help to strengthen ties between the two nations.

"Well I think it would be quite marvelous and I hope it would be quite marvelous for him and obviously it will help to bring us together," he said. "But, you know, that reflects so many of the people-to-people ties that are so strong."

There had been speculation that Markle might make her first official appearance alongside her boyfriend at the Games. However, multiple reports suggest there were concerns that it might overshadow the achievements of the injured armed services personnel and veterans taking part in the competition.


From: Harper's BAZAAR UK

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