Prince George to Make a Cameo on His Favorite TV Show
The classic British children's program turns 30 this year.

Being the future King of England comes with a perk or two. Prince George will reportedly have a cameo in an upcoming episode of his favorite show, Fireman Sam.

While not so well known here in the Philippines, Fireman Sam is a much-beloved children's program in the U.K. about an everyday hero, a fireman named Sam, who lives in the fictional Welsh town of Pontypandy. November 18 marks the animated series's 30th anniversary on the air.

"We’re going to celebrate Fireman Sam's 30th anniversary by introducing a very special episode," producer Ian McCue revealed to People.

"We heard that we have a very famous fan in Prince George, so we thought it would be really fun to bring a royal family to Pontypandy and see how the community reacts to that."

According to the Mirror, the episode will be titled The Prince in Pontypandy, and "will see a four-year-old royal visit the fictional South Wales town as part of a state visit. But, when calamity strikes, he'll be forced to save the day with a helicopter."

Back in April, Prince William revealed what George likes to watch on TV saying, "Fireman Sam has taken an awful lot of interest," and given the fact that the young royal is a huge fan of helicopters, he'll be sure to love the special episode.

However, it's unclear if he'll be able to identify himself in the scene. "The Prince is not explicitly identified in the storyline," writes the Mirror. "But producers have confirmed the character is a direct nod to the Queen's great-grandson."

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