15 Times Prince George Dressed Just Like Prince William

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For the British royal family, clothing is about much more than fashion. When Duchess Kate re-wears a piece multiple times, it signals her frugality as a future Queen. Or, when Duchess Meghan chooses to promote a brand like Outland Denim, which benefits victims of sex trafficking, it indicates a cause that is important to her.

Outfits worn by the younger royals like Prince George, who is often dressed like his father Prince William did as a boy, also serve the visual narrative of the British royal family, adorably harkening back to previous happy memories, and emphasizing continuity.

After all, members of the royal family are nothing if not sticklers for tradition. With that in mind, here are 15 sweet moments when Prince George twinned with his father, Prince William.

If there's anything more British than a wellie, it's a British Prince wearing a pair of the classic rainboots.

Prince William was spotted wearing a pair while watching his father play polo in 1987, while George showed his off in this year's Christmas card photo.

At Prince Harry's wedding in May of 2018, Prince George was his father's mini-me, wearing a boys' version of the iconic Blues and Royals uniforms in his role as page boy.

For Prince Harry's christening at Windsor Castle in 1984, Diana dressed Prince William in blue shorts and a Peter Pan collared shirt with blue piping.

Prince George wore almost the exact same shirt for his little brother Prince Louis's christening in July of 2018.


Although Prince George isn't attending his father's alma mater, Wetherby School, his uniform at Thomas's Battersea has a similar aesthetic to his dad's.

Here they both are on their first days of school.

If Prince George's plaid button-down shirt and navy blue shorts looked familiar on the royal family's 2017 tour of Poland, it might be because they looked a bit like an outfit Prince William wore in photos taken at Kensington Palace in 1985.

Prince George's Christmas coat in 2016 bore an uncanny resemblance in style (though not in color) to one Prince William wore back in the '80s.

Even royal kids get to be casual every once in while.

Here's Prince William in a t-shirt and shorts on the ground of Kensington Palace, and Prince George wearing a similar look in a birthday portrait taken in 2016.

In these photos, William and George are almost exactly matching.

The first shows William leaving St. Mary's Hospital after visiting his newborn baby brother Harry, and the second is of Prince George attending his sister's christening.

During the 2015 Trooping the Colour parade, George and William recreated a royal father-son moment from decades ago, with William in his red military uniform, and George wearing the same shade of light blue his dad had worn back in 1984.

Navy and red is a classic royal combo.

Here's Prince William at his first official photo-call, wearing a blue puffer coat with red accents. For his official Christmas picture in 2014, George wore a top with the same color scheme—a blue sweater vest adorned with British soldiers.


When Prince William was photographed in the garden of Kensington Palace back in June of 1984, he paired his blue overalls with a striped shirt.

For his part, Prince George donned a solid top on his trip to see a butterfly exhibition at London's Natural History Museum in 2014.

Sometimes, Prince George even emulates his uncle Harry.

Here's the future king in 2014 wearing red overalls that resemble a pair little Prince Harry wore back in 1986 while playing with his pony at Highgrove.

The royals love a good smocked romper on a baby, as evidenced by this the sweet photo of Princess Diana holding little William.

George also wore a blue and white outfit upon arrival at Sydney Airport during his parents' royal tour of Australia back in 2014 (though his featured a sailboat motif).

In this case, Prince George's outfit is an exact replica of Prince William's.

For his christening, Prince William wore the Honiton christening gown, which was originally commissioned by Queen Victoria for her first-born child, Princess Victoria. The gown was retired in 2004, after being worn by 62 royal babies, including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. George wore a recreation of that dress, crafted by the Queen's personal assistant and wardrobe advisor, Angela Kelly.

When Prince William and Duchess Kate first introduced George to the world, the newborn baby boy was wrapped in a white blanket, just as Will was when his mother posed for photos on the Lindo Wing steps.

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