Prince Edward and Queen Elizabeth Went for a Mother-Son Ride Around Windsor Last Weekend

What else would you do after celebrating your eldest child's 70th birthday?

Some people might take their eldest child's 70th birthday as a signal that they should slow down, but not Queen Elizabeth II. Shortly after hosting a party for Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace, the 92-year-old went for a ride last weekend in Windsor, accompanied by her youngest child, 54-year-old Prince Edward.

The Queen reportedly went at a stately pace (only fitting of course), while Prince Edward was galloping around the grounds, according to the Daily Mail.

For the occasion, the queen wore a navy blue coat and a pale headscarf; she reportedly does not like to wear a "hard hat" riding helmet. Prince Edward was in riding gear and a red and black riding hat.

Are you a fan of horseback riding?

Yes—no better way to see the countryside.

Not really—I prefer walking.


The Queen shares a love of riding with all four of her children. Her daughter Princess Anne is an accomplished equestrian, and competed in the Olympic games riding one of her mother's horses.

She and Edward are also particularly close. A few years ago, in advance of her 90th birthday celebrations, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, told Sky News that they continue to spend time with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh most weekends and that she is actively a part of her grandchildren's lives. What's more, she and Edward have enjoyed time together with their horses in Windsor for decades.

Here is the Queen holding Prince Edward's horse at the Windsor Horse Show at Home Park, Windsor in May 1987:


And here are the Queen and Prince Philip on horseback in Windsor Great Park, stopping to say hello to Prince Edward and friends in May 1971:

The Queen out with her daughter Princess Anne in 1979:

The Queen's grandchildren and great-grandchildren are also following in her considerable hoofprints. Her granddaughter Zara Tindall, Princess Anne's daughter, is also an Olympic equestrian, and both Prince George and Princess Charlotte have begun riding lessons.

Prince Edward's daughter Lady Louise Windsor is also a fan of the family hobby. Here she is riding with her father on the final night of her grandmother's 90th birthday celebration at Windsor on May 15, 2016:

It's not the Queen's first time out in Windsor this Fall. She and her head groom Terry Pendry went out for a ride earlier this month. She's clearly enjoying the beautiful fall weather. The monarch has made one concession to her age—she no longer rides in bad weather. A few years ago, the Queen was filmed telling her aide, "I'm rather a fair-weather rider now. I don't like getting cold and wet."

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