Prince Charles, Prince Harry, and Tom Hardy Hear from Victims of Violent Crime

The event was organized with the Prince's Trust, an organization that Charles founded and Hardy serves as ambassador for.

On December 12 at Clarence House, Prince Harry joined Prince Charles to support his father's work—as did a certain celebrity guest.

All three were there to represent the Prince's Trust, an organization Charles founded in 1976, in the wake of "social unrest and high levels of youth unemployment," per Clarence House. Decades later, the Trust helps people aged 11 to 30 through mentoring, education, and recreational activities.

This morning's event was specifically arranged to address violent crime in youth communities. Families affected by violence spoke while community groups, members of the Prince's Trust, and others listened.

Prince Charles also took the opportunity to say a few words. He slipped in a joke or two ("I've been involved in the Prince’s Trust now for over 42 years, and look what it’s done to me"), but for the most part, he solemnly addressed the issue at hand.

"This is a thing which seems unacceptable, frankly," Charles said, as reported by The Telegraph. "We should say enough is enough. This time, we are really going to make a dent in this for the sake of so many young and so many families. That should be our aim."

As many charities do, the Prince's Trust often works with celebrity ambassadors to promote its message. Actor Tom Hardy is one of them, and joined the two Princes at their table to hear from victims and discuss possible solutions. Two other guests, perhaps more well-known on the other side of the pond, attended as well: soccer manager Gareth Southgate and rapper Tinie Tempah.


As Charles admitted himself, he could certainly use the help, especially concerning any new technologies or social media developments. "I'm rapidly out of date so I need to depend on all of you to suggest the best way."

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