Michelle Obama Reveals Surprising Details About Her 'Sleepover' With the Royals

"They want to be hugged. They want to be touched. They gossip.”

Michelle Obama just opened up about her former life as First Lady of the United States, detailing for the first time a particular State Visit with her husband Barack Obama in 2011 at the Buckingham Palace. At the MUSE event of Klick Health in New York where sat on a panel, she revealed that the royals are, well, just like us. “I think by the time we had the sleepover we had enough interacting with them. The surprising thing is folks wanted to be treated normally,” she said. “Everybody is happy when all the people are gone. They want to be hugged. They want to be touched. They gossip.”

When asked about White House vs. Buckingham Palace meals, the former FLOTUS, of course, had better things to say about her own cuisine. “I don’t want to insult anybody but American food is just better,” she quipped.

She has to give it to the Queen though when it comes to plates and china. “When we were served at the state dinner, you know how we have chargers and they’re gold, so you sit down, and everything is gold. The plate that I thought was the charger, that was the plate. They put food on the gold charger because that was their plate. I said, ‘You win. You win on the plates. You got us beat.’”


Plates aren’t the only golden things at the Buckingham. Michelle Obama also recalls the time her family spent touring the Palace on her daughter Sasha’s birthday. “Everything is gold. We had seen the gold room—there’s a room where they keep all the gold,” she said. “It was Sasha’s birthday and the Queen opened the house and she let us see that room.”

To this day, the Obamas and the Royal Family remain good friends, supporting each others’ causes, from the Invictus Games to other charities.


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