Meghan Markle Reportedly Did Go to Toronto This Summer, But Not When You Thought She Did

Get all the details on her North American travel here.

Earlier today on Good Morning America, royal correspondent Omid Scobie reported that Meghan Markle was Toronto last week.

"Sources exclusively confirm to @ABC @GMA that Duchess Meghan quietly travelled to Toronto last Tuesday for a three-day stay at the family home of close friends Jessica and Ben Mulroney," Scobie wrote later in a series of Tweets promoting the segment.

"Meghan and Jessica spent their days catching up, lounging poolside and playing with children Ivy, Brian and John, who, adds a source, 'love seeing their Auntie Meg.' There was also an evening out with friends. The perfect trip ahead of a very busy (and engagement-packed!) fall."

Perhaps Meghan and Jessica chatted about the tuxedo-style minidress the Duchess wore to last night's Hamilton performance during her trip. Her BFF reportedly styled her look. Or, maybe they just reminisced about the royal wedding, in which Ivy, Brian, and John played a front-and-center role as bridesmaid and page boys.

Brian and John Mulroney served as page boys in the royal wedding.

Rumors that Meghan was in Toronto in mid-August started when the website Royal Central reported that Meghan was flying to Toronto on Air Canada. An anonymous source told the publication Kensington Palace had requested "that no one take Meghan’s picture or approach her on the flight."

The news then spread, with multiple publications citing the blog's anonymous source, with no further confirmation.

At the time, royal reporters, including Scobie, denied the news that Meghan was in Toronto. ABC's Carolyn Durrand called the speculation "inaccurate."


And in a tweet conversation, today, Scobie told Royal Central editor Charlie Proctor, "She wasn’t actually there when you reported it."

Regardless of timing, she did make a trip back to North America this summer before kicking off a busy fall.

Expect to see the Duchess several times next week, first at the Well Child Awards on September 4 and then, the 100 Days to Peace Gala, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI on September 6.

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