Kate Middleton Hunts Spiders with Prince George and Princess Charlotte "For Hours" in Their Garden

Who finds more spiders-George or Charlotte?

On Tuesday afternoon, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge returned from maternity leave and attended an event at the Sayers Croft Trust Forest School and Wildlife Garden in London. It was an incredibly fitting choice for the Duchess, who spent most of the time at the charity hugging (yes, hugging!) young children, helping them make leaf crowns and participating in scavenger hunts to inspire them to explore nature and be environmentally conscious.

While Kate enjoyed a few hours with the children, naturally she also talked about her own—and revealed the fun (terrifying?) outdoor activity she does with Prince George, 5, and Princess Charlotte, 3: spider hunting. According to royal reporter Rebecca English, Kate said that George and Charlotte like to hunt for spiders in their garden "for hours."

I would particularly like to avoid spiders at all costs, but it does seem like an interesting challenge when the bugs creatures are virtually impossible to spot—especially in a garden. But what happens when they find them? Do they pick them up? Take pictures of them? What if they're poisonous? Who finds more—George or Charlotte? So many questions.

Would you go on a spider hunt?

No way in hell.

Only if George and Charlotte get to come with me.


It's been six months since the Duchess gave birth to her third child, Prince Louis, and there have likely been many spider hunts that took place throughout the summer. In June, she took George and Charlotte to the park like a regular mom. George played with a slinky, Charlotte ran like the wind, and both children even played some polo. Perhaps they also hunted for spiders—we all just missed it.

From: Marie Claire US

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