Kate Middleton's New Website Will Help Teachers Talk About Mental Health

Along with Prince Harry and Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge has become a serious advocate for mental health.

Along with Prince William and Prince Harry, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has dedicated herself to the cause of destigmatizing mental health issues and encouraging people to speak openly about emotional subjects. She makes frequent appearances in support of Heads Together, the organization which the three royals founded—and isn't above a stunt if it will get her efforts some exposure.

And now, Heads Together will launch a website, spearheaded by the Duchess of Cambridge, that will provide education professionals with the resources they need to discuss mental health with their students.

Kate said in an address to the Roe Green Junior School in London, that the site, Mentally Healthy Schools, will focus on "the youngest and most vulnerable in their early years—babies, toddlers, and primary school-age pupils—and to support all those who care for them, including teachers." Perhaps she is inspired by her own children, George, 4, and Charlotte, 2.


The site includes 1,500 resources and will be, Kate said, "a fantastic practical resource for schools, drawing together quality assured and useful information and resources into one place. We'd encourage all primary school leaders and their teams to bookmark it."

Kate, William, and Harry have all stressed the importance of speaking openly about grief, anxiety, and depression: "What we have seen firsthand is that the simple act of having a conversation about mental health—that initial breaking of the silence—can make a real difference," says the Duchess.

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