JFK's Niece and Nephew Just Shared Vintage Halloween Photos on Instagram

"A Happy Halloween to all!"

Halloween has always been a special time for the Kennedy family. In fact, photographers captured JFK's young daughter Caroline getting ready to trick or treat in the White House in 1963.

Jean Kennedy Smith, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Steve Smith, Jr., and Caroline Kennedy (all wearing Halloween costumes) stand with President John F. Kennedy in the West Wing colonnade.

"As much as possible, Jackie wanted her children to have the experience of typical American children. So, one Halloween, she decided that we would dress up and take them trick-or-treating around Washington, D.C." JFK's sister, Jean Kennedy Smith told Town & Country several years ago.

"Worried that Jackie would be recognized by her distinctive voice, I was always the person to knock on the door and pronounce, 'Trick or treat!'" Smith said.

"We made it through several houses anonymously until someone spotted the Secret Service and our cover was blown. Still we and, most importantly the children, had a marvelous time."

On Halloween, JFK's niece and nephew also got into the sprit, sharing photos of Kennedy family Halloweens.

First, Kerry Kennedy, Bobby's seventh child, posted this rather intriguing snap of her siblings with the caption, "Trick or Treat! A Happy Halloween to all!" 

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Trick or Treat! A Happy Halloween to all! #RFK50

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The picture left me with so many questions. Is the pumpkin on the left drinking andsmoking a cigar? Is that a dog on the right or someone dressed as a creature with a pumpkin head? Where did RFK get those snazzy slippers?


Fortunately, Kerry's brother Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also shared a vintage Halloween photo that was a bit more clear.

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"Happy Halloween," he captioned the 1961 image, which shows his parents, Ethel and Bobby, opening the door for a group of kids trick or treaters.

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