Debunking the Old Rumors About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Relationship
There were many false reports during the earlier stages of their love story.
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Since they publicly outed their relationship just over a year ago, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been swept into a media whirlwind. Stories of their relationship from ‘royal sources’ were released on a daily basis and one local British channel even released a full-fledged documentary on their year-and-a-half relationship. But now that Harry and Meghan have released statements of their own through an interview, we separate fact from fiction.

False: Prince Harry had a crush on Meghan Markle after watching her in Suits.

U.K.’s Channel 4 released the documentary When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal Romance at the end of October. Royal commentator Kate Nicholl appeared on the program and reportedly said that Harry had a celebrity crush on Meghan. She claimed that one of Harry’s friends had asked the prince who his ideal girl was and he had responded, “Meghan Markle from Suits.”

Fact: Prince Harry had never even heard of Meghan before their meeting and had never watched Suits.

During their photo call and interview after the announcement of their engagement, Harry recounted how much he knew about Meghan before their blind date. He revealed he’d never even watched Suits and had asked his friend to give him a background. “I’d never watched Suits, I’d never heard of Meghan before. And I was beautifully surprised when I, when I walked into that room and saw her.”

False: They were introduced by mutual friend Markus Anderson after Prince Harry asked him to set up a meeting with her.

It was also widely believed that the couple met through their mutual friend Markus Anderson, who was a consultant for Soho House. Nicholl said in an interview that the royal had asked Anderson to set up a meeting for him and Meghan at one of the private rooms in Soho House. She added, “There were about seven or eight of them altogether and it was a perfect opportunity for Harry and Meghan to come together in a really informal environment and actually talk.”


Fact: A female friend set them up on a blind date.

While we aren’t exactly sure of which friend set them up, it was definitely not Anderson, since Meghan told the BBC that they should “protect her privacy” by not revealing who set them up. There’s some reason to believe that it was designer Misha Nonoo who brought them together

It wasn’t a casual get together either. Meghan added, “It was definitely a set up. It was a blind date. And it’s so interesting because… I’m from the States, you don’t grow up with the same understanding of the royal family.”

False: They met while Harry was promoting the Invictus Games.

During the start of their relationship, the story of how they met remained a mystery and another rumor was that the pair had met in Toronto, when he was promoting the 2016 Invictus Games. The Invictus Games were part of their romantic history, as it was the first time they were officially spotted as a couple in public but as we know, this was not the case.

False: Prince Harry proposed during a three-week stay at Botswana.

Engagement rumors have been swirling around the couple as early as August. A celebrity website reported that Prince Harry had asked for Meghan’s hand in marriage during a trip to Botswana. The two sources told the magazine that he had wanted to propose to her near the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death to “associate August with something joyful.” It was also said that the diamonds he used for the engagement ring were taken from a brooch he inherited from his late mother.

Fact: Prince Harry proposed on the grounds of their cottage in London while they were attempting to roast a chicken.

It was a simple cozy night in for the couple when Harry popped the question. Meghan said he even got down on one knee and it was an immediate “yes” from her. The proposal happened just earlier on in November but the engagement ring did have two small diamonds from Princess Diana and one from Botswana in between them.


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