Could Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Already Be Engaged?

There is royal precedent for keeping the proposal a secret.

Speculation over when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will get engaged is practically a professional sport at this point, but here's something to consider: It's quite possible that Prince Harry has already proposed (perhaps on the couple's romantic getaway to Zambia and Botswana this summer), and the public is none the wiser.

William and Kate were engaged for over a month before making their announcement (Will asked for Kate's hand during a private vacation in Kenya; they announced their plans to wed in November), and a few clues have us thinking that could be the case for Harry and Meghan as well.

First of all, Markle was seen being attended by Scotland Yard Protection at the Invictus Games over the weekend. Rebecca English, royal correspondent for the Daily Mail, wrote that Markle was "escorted by" a Scotland Yard protection officer during the opening ceremony. As a private citizen, Markle is not granted Scotland Yard protection, as it is a service funded by taxpayers, and this interaction is leading many to speculate that her engagement to Prince Harry is a foregone conclusion.

Furthermore, the American actress has reportedly given up her car in Toronto, indicating a more permanent move across the pond could be coming soon.

Need more clues? Markle has already met the Queen (after just one year of dating, compared with the five Kate Middleton had to wait). Then there was the couple's PDA at yesterday's Invictus Games event in Toronto (they were holding hands for the cameras!) and Markle's recent cover story in Vanity Fair, which had the fingerprints of "the firm" all over it.


Of course, nothing's official until we hear it from the Palace. You can bet we're listening.

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