Royal Photographer Chris Jackson Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Trump's Meeting with Queen Elizabeth

The two leaders had tea at Windsor Castle.

As Getty's official royal photographer, Chris Jackson documents the British royal family in all of their endeavors. On July 13, he photographed the controversial meeting between Queen Elizabeth and President Donald Trump at Windsor Castle. Below, he shares with Town & Country what the day was really like:

"It certainly wasn’t you average Friday the 13th July, as I was tasked with taking the first images of US President Donald Trump meeting the Queen at Windsor Castle. Making my way past the dozens of protestors gathered outside the Castle, I headed in excited to capture a much anticipated moment of history. I’ve photographed Obama at a State Banquet in Buckingham Palace and Bush welcoming the Queen at the White House but nothing that has generated as much controversy as this," Jackson wrote in an email.

"As the President stepped out of a Range Rover (I was somewhat disappointed he didn’t arrive in the ‘Beast’) the Queen stepped forward and shook his hand. This was the most important moment for me to capture from the day, the first contact on an occasion that many thought would never happen."

"One of my favorite photos (pictured up top) of the afternoon however, was something a little more abstract," Jackson writes. "As the Queen and Trump watched the departing soldiers, a shot from behind, showing two of the most instantly recognisable people in the world—obvious, even from the back."

In preparation for today’s events, Jackson posted a photo of President Obama with the Queen on Instagram on Thursday along with the following caption, "I’m very much looking forward to photographing Trump @realdonaldtrump with the #Queen on Friday - As a photographer you are there to document and record that moment as a historical record however it pans out. Who remembers when this President met HM, back in 2011?? #Obama #QueenElizabeth @gettyimages #trumpinlondon”

Jackson also posted in Instagram stories, again emphasizing that his photographs are part of the historical record, and subtly implying that his posting them on social media should not be taken as a political act.

“I will be photographing @realdonaldtrump later meeting the Queen in Windsor Castle,” he wrote in a story featuring a photo of the Queen. “I will inevitably be posting images / stories from this…...Just to be clear. As a photojournalist you are there to document historic moments for the world to see as a neutral observer.”

Jackson heads up royal coverage at Getty, where he has been working for over a decade. A book of his photographs called Modern Monarchy will be released by Rizzoli in October, pre-order a copy below:

Modern Monarchy: The British Royal Family Today

Chris Jackson, amazon.com, $45.00

*This story originally appeared on Townandcountrymag.com
*Minor edits have been made by the Townandcountry.ph editors

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