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8 Places for Making Family Time on Weekends More Memorable

It’s all about connecting with each other over the small things.
8 Places for Making Family Time on Weekends More Memorable

Family time is an essential many of us attribute to vacations and holidays. While traveling together is one of the best ways to grow and strengthen ties across generations, there’s something to be said about the more humble yet equally important way of spending quality time with the kin: dining together. Food is lovingly shared with everyone—its colors, aromas, flavors, and textures satisfying the senses. We give parts of ourselves to each other when we share stories that entertain or instill wisdom in each person at the table.

If dining and lounging at home start feeling predictable—and it will—consider going to a mall such as The Podium that offers a wide selection of family-friendly joints.

1. Cul-De-Sac

What’s a worthwhile visit to the mall with your loved ones without buying something to remember it by? In traditional weekend fashion, do a bit of retail therapy. Look through well-designed apparel at the multi-brand concept store Cul-De-Sac on the second floor of The Podium. The spacious minimalist interiors highlight standout fashion pieces from brands like Xception, Jimi Roos, and Versus Versace; the fiberglass island shelves house trendy accessories and footwear from Cult Gaia, Nico Giani, and many others.

(Left to right) Vanessa, Stella, Jopeng and Cisco Santos
Agoo Bengzon

2. Motorino

Let the kids have their call with large foldable pizza slices. They’ll thank you for choosing the Three-Cheese and Honey or the Motorino Special, which has pepperoni, sausage bits, mushrooms, olives, and peppers. If you’re in the mood for giving them a bigger treat—they probably deserve it—order some pasta or the Krunchy Krispy Wings.

Burrata Margherita Pizza
Meatball Pasta
(Left to right) Nicco, Happy, and Chezco Tiu

3. Terry’s Selection.

A special occasion calls for an Iberian feast at one of Manila’s finest bistros and gourmet establishments. The signature Terry on Piggy Back (made with homemade chorizo flambéed with sherry brandy) or the Super Paella Parellada (a saffron-based paella with shrimp, squid, pork, chicken, and Spanish chorizo) are some inspired dishes that further uplift the spirit with their flair and focus on choice ingredients. As Spanish cuisine embodies old and new styles of cooking while keeping itself balanced, it’s perfectly appropriate for a celebration that marks the end of a journey and the start of another one.

Super Paella Parellada
(Left to right) Elisa Payumo, Leslie Cheng, Rochelle Rodriguez, and Patricia Kue

4. Chibo Okonomiyaki

Japanese food is an easy favorite among us Asians because of its distinct savory taste that’s irresistibly familiar, hence comforting—the same can be said for how it’s often served: in organized lacquered bento boxes or large ceramic bowls. Something out of the box in the form of okonomiyaki, or Japanese pancake, may then well be your family’s further foray into Japanese cuisine. Try the dish together and find your favorites at Chibo Okonomiyaki, which plays up the usual egg, beef, pork, and shrimp with aromatic ingredients like seaweed, bonito, cheese, and kimchi.

Shio Yakisoba

5. Shi Lin

If your children or grandchildren have never tried xiaolongbao, a broth-filled dumpling, head over to Shi Lin and teach them how to eat what would be their next dim sum favorite without scalding their lips or tongues. The establishment’s classic and pared-down take on Taiwanese cuisine may make for more hurried meals, but there’s enough talk to be done in between slurps of noodles and when you try their xiaolongbao variations—the choco Nutella isn’t just for the millennials to enjoy.

Noodles, Xiao Long Bao, and String Beans With Minced Pork

6. Ça Va Crêperie and Floral Atelier

More than just a French greeting to passers-by, Ça Va Crêperie and Floral Atelier distinguishes itself as a lofty space that pays homage to food, and art. It has an unpretentious menu that revolves around comfort food, a set of suspended decorative plants to enjoy one’s meal under, and a curtain wall that washes the space in sunlight—thus offering a quirky and bright atmosphere for families who want to veer away from the dimness and rowdiness of more traditional dining spots. Kids can develop their palates with sweet and savory crepes, while moms and daughters can delight themselves in the selection of fresh and dried florals to buy for their homes.

Chorizo Pasta
The Santos family at Ça Va Crêperie and Floral Atelier

7. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Make life at home even sweeter when you drop by Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory for their light, buttery biscuit sandwiches—the creamy fillings are made from Hokkaido milk and world-class cheeses. Kids will enjoy munching on the best-selling Salt & Camembert variant for merienda, while the older bunch might consider snacking on the Porcini & Gouda or Honey & Gorgonzola cookie with a glass of wine on hand. A definite must-try for the whole family is the Milk Cheesecake, a cheese and milk mousse from blended French and Hokkaido cream cheese and Hokkaido milk and fresh cream carefully wrapped in crêpe.

Salt & Camembert Cookies

8. Sip and Gogh

For your aprés-lunch activity, kids and adults will have a great time making art at Sip & Gogh, and neither of them have to be avid painters or artists. You can learn how to paint different landscapes, concepts, or a self-portrait with the help of the resident art tutors. A space for posing as an artist, this painting studio and wine stop also lets you enjoy a glass of wine during your creative process to keep your mind stimulated.

(Left to right) Agoo Bengzon, Tiu brothers at Sip & Gogh
(Clockwise) Macky, Bernard, Cara, and Renee Fah

Visit the new Podium Mall this weekend and make it a memorable time with your family. Find out more about The Podium’s establishments by following The Podium Mall on Facebook.

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