"Particularity" Is Manifested in Every Nook and Cranny of Q&A Kitchen and Bar

Chef Alain Rayé has worked at several Michelin-starred restaurants.

“Particularity” is the word that rightfully describes the newly-opened Q&A Kitchen and Bar in Makati. Branded as a modern European restaurant, Q&A achieves the perfect balance of rustic and sophisticated. Paired with comfort and attentiveness, this results in a truly distinctive dining experience. 

Designed by interior designer and furniture maker Eric Paras, the space speaks of comfort with its deep green and blue hues and dark wood tones.

While the large space is carefully delineated, the white kitchen tile unifies the large room.

In the dining area, a long window runs through the kitchen and allows diners a view of the chefs at work.  

Beyond this impressive interior is the food, judiciously prepared by chef Alain Rayé and his team. Rayé notably demonstrates his expertise that is backed by experience, having worked at various Michelin-starred restaurants in Albertville and Paris, and having founded his own successful bistro, La Regalade in Vancouver, which he later brought to Manila in the early 2000s.

The distinctiveness of his food lies in the careful preparation and high quality of his ingredients. Tuna is preserved in-houseand is served with warm potatoes and garlic confit.

Q&A’s motto of “made today, gone today,” rings true, as fresh and raw ingredients are chosen daily.

Jumbo meatballs are handmade with the usual chopped meat, mortadella, and fresh sausage.

The highlight of Q&A can be found in its pasta offerings. All of the pasta is handmade daily, and egg whites, not water, are used in the process. These subtle details reflect the artisanal craftsmanship that goes into Q&A’s food.


The red beet gnocchi, goat cheese, pancetta, and sage is a great choice, with the creaminess of the goat cheese dreamily complementing the earthy flavor of the beet gnocchi.

The Maltagliati Beef Brisket Bourguignon is a standout.

The prawn ravioli with crab broth, tomato, saffron, and chillies is a satisfying option with its mild flavor and broth.

The restaurant also offers Corzetti Stampati with eggplants, olives, and homemade ricotta.

Q&A’s particularity extends to its dessert options, too. The tight but well-thought-out selection is a feast for the taste buds. As if the vividly-curated names on the menu were not mouthwatering enough, each dessert offers a distinct taste profile with a surprising combination of ingredients that work.

The ice cream sandwiches are a must-try.

All ice cream is hand-churned (the restaurant doesn’t own an ice cream machine!) and the biscuits are baked on the premises. For a perfect palate cleanser, the lemon curd ice cream sandwiches with sesame seeds are delightful. Garnished with an unusual choice of candied fennel and dressed with homemade cherry compote, that is reminiscent of a salty and sour champuy; its clean flavors are refreshing.

The chocolate sandwiches are equally satisfying and the cocoa nibs add a layer of texture.

The third dessert is not to be missed.

A butterscotch budino with caramel sauce and Maldon sea salt is as rich, decadent, and delicious as it sounds.

ACCM Building, 102 San Agustin Street, Salcedo Village, Makati, 0917.859.5678. Open for dinner only until the end of October. Open for lunch and dinner beginning November.

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