This Japanese Restaurant Is a Special Feast for All Five Senses
Kappou Imamura offers guests a variety of enticing well-finished dishes made with premium ingredients and prepared with sophisticated techniques.

It is a common saying that good things in life come in threes, but Kappou Imamura brings you the best things in life in fives.

The Japanese culinary principle Gomi, Goshiki, Goho can be translated to “five flavors, five colors, and five different preparation styles and cooking techniques.” It is the implementation of this principle by Chef de Cuisine Hirofumi Imamura that makes Kappou Imamura stand out from Okada Manila’s other dining options.

Chef Hirofumi Imamura

Located at the restaurant promenade of the resort and casino complex, Kappou Imamura offers guests a variety of enticing well-finished dishes made with premium ingredients and prepared with sophisticated techniques. Each dish must pass Imamura’s scrutiny, whose goal in every meal is marrying traditional Japanese delicacies with modern elements, the results being culinary masterpieces.

“My duty as the chef of this restaurant is not only to create delicious food, but also to cater to each of my customers five senses so that they can fully enjoy this fine dining establishment,” Imamura says.

The staff at Kappou Imamura say that Imamura’s passion for his culinary art is inspiring, noting that the chef refuses to let any dish that is less than perfect out of the kitchen’s doors. While the restaurant’s menu provides a variety of options, Imamura’s signature menu is highly recommended.

The delicious eight-course meal starts with a flash-smoked seasonal fish salad, which is presented artfully in a cloud of smoke to reveal the salad leaves meticulously prepared on top of perfectly cooked fish. Other highlights include the hirame fluke, uni (sea urchin), and caviar in dashi hanaho jelly, and sake-simmered live lobster in seasonal vegetable thick sauce and the charcoal-grilled seasonal fish soup in ichiban dashi. This interesting mix surprisingly pleases the palate with its balance of exotic tastes. The meal is wrapped up with a shizuoka melon, hoji tea pudding, and monaka dessert served on an ice-cold plate—just the way to end a fine meal.

While Kappou Imamura is reason enough to visit Okada Manila, Okada, being a Japanese company, has made Japanese food its speciality. The complex hosts more than just one fine dining Japanese option: Adjacent to Kappou Imamura is Ginza Nagaoka, an exclusive nine-seater sushi bar that gives diners a full view of sushi master chef Junji Nagaoka at work and offers a variety of the freshest sushi and sashimi. New Seaside Drive, Parañaque; 888.0777; okadamanila.com.


This story was originally published in the September 2017 issue of Town&Country.

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