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Sharon Tate's Iconic Babydoll Wedding Dress Is Going Up for Auction

The actress wore the look at her wedding to director Roman Polanski in 1968.

Sharon Tate's wedding dress was the epitome of '60s fashion. And thanks to Julien's Auctions, it could soon be yours—assuming you have $25,000-plus to spare.

The mini dress worn by Sharon Tate at her London wedding to Roman Polanski in 1968.

After holding on to her possessions for 50 years, Tate's family has finally decided to offer the public a chance to own a piece of history—including the Valley of the Dolls star's iconic wedding ensemble.

Tate wore the high-necked mini dress, accessorized with a slew of hair ribbons, to her 1968 wedding to director Roman Polanski. (The groom's Austen Powers-esque suit was equally noteworthy, for the record.)

A number of Tate's other outfits are also going to the block, from the chocolate silk gown she wore to the 1968 Golden Globes to the Dior mini dress she chose for the London premiere of Polanski's film Cul-de-Sac.

Sharon Tate’s dresses for the 1968 Golden Globes and the London premiere of Polanski’s film.

An even more personal (and possibly less hygienic) item in the catalog is Tate's eye make-up. Apparently she used down-to-earth brands like Maybelline and Revlon. Mid-century stars! They're just like us.

The auction will take place on Saturday, November 17 live in Los Angeles, and online here. You can start preparing now with the full catalog.

Sharon Tate's makeup

The auction is coming just before interest in Tate begins to peak. Though she was a celebrated actress, Tate's name will forever be synonymous with the Manson murders, and the 50th anniversary of her tragic death is coming up next summer.


Hollywood has certainly taken notice. There are a total of four (four!) films slated to release in the coming year on the subject, with Kate Bosworth, Margot Robbie, and Hilary Duff all signed on to play Tate in the varied productions.

Speaking of which, those actresses would be wise to peruse the upcoming auction. As Tate says in a video edited by Julien's Auctions previewing the sale, "If you're serious about [acting], it's a lot of hard work. If not, you play and get absolutely nowhere at all."

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