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What the First Half of January Has in Store for Us

A bi-monthly look at what's to come for your sign courtesy of T&C's master astrologer, Katharine Merlin.

Sagittarius: November 23-December 21

Bruce Lee

In January, your creative vision will lead you, heightening your prospects. Bumps in the road are inevitable, and financial realism is definitely in order, but by month's end you will have clear signals that you're on the right path.

January 1-15: Whatever occurs on the 2nd, don't lose your perspective or succumb to negative thinking. The eclipsed new Moon in Capricorn on the 6th is all about adjusting to inescapable realities, so try to resist being wildly impulsive on the 8th, and take steps to transform difficult situations by letting go of the past and making your plans work—whatever it takes.


Capricorn: December 22-January 20

Muhammad Ali

With Mars at the foundation of your chart in January, changes are afoot, especially at home, and you'll be supercharged and possibly irritable. Be ready to escape and go into soft focus near the 22nd.

January 1-15: You may feel a bit gloomy when Saturn conjoins the Sun on the 2nd, but be ready to take a new look at your life near the eclipsed new Moon of the 6th and turn the page. You're coming to terms with issues that demand real imagination and grit, and with Pluto conjoining the Sun on the 11th, you're not about to be defeated.


Aquarius: January 21-February 19

Virginia Woolf

In January, you'll have a great deal to mull over, but that doesn't mean you should stand still. Despite resistance you encounter near the 21st, your desire to follow your star will set you on the right track.

January 1-15: With the Sun and new Moon of the 6th passing through a hidden angle of your chart, you may be feeling overlooked, but you will have opportunities to make important moves behind the scenes. Venus entering Sagittarius on the 7th accents the importance of connecting with friends, and aspects near the 11th are perspective shifters.


Pisces: February 20-March 20

Nina Simone

Everyone appears a bit turbulent and worried as January marches in, and you're wise to delay major decisions until later in the month. By the 22nd, though, you appear to be on a winning streak.

January 1-15: Friends and business associates may need to be handled with extra diplomacy near the 2nd, and the eclipse on the 6th is likely to set your compass in a new direction. With Venus rising to the top of your chart on the 7th, though, your own star will begin shining more brightly—so no matter what brief storm is passing near the 13th, you'll emerge unscathed.


Aries: March 21-April 20

Maya Angelou

In January, you'll be on something of a mission, and Mars in your sign is a shot of pure adrenaline. Obstacles you encounter mid-month promise to give way to clear victories toward month's end.

January 1-15: Don't let others' negativity bring you down as January rides in. Change is in the air, and by the 6th you should begin to get a better idea of how certain situations—especially on the professional front—are shaping up. Others appear to be itching for a fight near the 8th, so do your best to step away, or there may be a price to pay for any impulsive actions by the 13th.


Taurus: April 21-May 21

Audrey Hepburn

With energetic Mars entering a hidden angle of your chart in January, be ready to step back and strategize. With the Sun at your zenith after the 20th, you'll be breaking through barriers.

January 1-15: If you can get away near the 4th, go ahead and book that flight. However, what you really need to strive for at the moment is more perspective, because the eclipse of the 6th is something of a game-changer. Others may be giving you the wrong advice near the 9th, and aspects occurring on the 11th and 13th indicate that you need to avoid making premature decisions.


Gemini: May 22-June 20

Josephine Baker

January is going to be a complex period, especially financially, but no need to fret. Let matters take their course and focus on what's going right, especially in partnerships and close connections.

January 1-15: Mars enters a horizon-expanding angle of your chart on the 1st, drawing you into new associations. Causes and aspects on the 4th urge you to reach out for any support you need. With Venus wafting into your relationship angle on the 7th, relationships will be on a warming trend. Be prepared to take a new approach to financial arrangements near the 13th, though.


Cancer: June 21-July 22

Princess Diana

With Mars in hot-blooded Aries in January, stress may be unavoidable, but you can accomplish much. Just don't let little skirmishes with critical partners get you riled up, and focus on getting results.

January 1-15: Mars is now traveling through your career angle, and you are entering an especially busy and stressful period. Mercury entering your relationship angle on the 5th is all about engaging with partners and associates, and taking the time to listen and share. Whatever occurs near the 11th is telling you that it's time to leave negative feelings behind and move on.


Leo: July 23-August 23

James Baldwin

January brings two eclipses, making for many shifts of perspective, especially around work-related matters. With the Sun entering your relationship angle on the 20th, close connections are entering a more stellar phase.

January 1-15: Be prepared to take on more responsibility near the 2nd, and to adjust to changes or launch new plans around the eclipse on the 6th. Heavenly Venus will enter the most romantic and creative angle of your solar chart on the 7th, and social events will hold real magic. You will need to do some brain-storming around the 11th, and be ready to make difficult decisions by the 13th.


Virgo: August 24-September 23

Freddie Mercury

Your entrepreneurial talents are highlighted in January, and so are personally satisfying developments at home. The lunar eclipse of the 21st is a tricky one, though, so wait out delays and focus on those who matter most.

January 1-15: The Sun and Saturn in Capricorn on the 2nd emphasize taking responsibility and making practical choices. The eclipse on the 6th also in Capricorn, so try to remain flexible and be ready to make swift, last-minute choices. Heavenly Venus will be casting its influence in a highly personal part of your solar chart for the remainder of the month, and any worries cropping up near the 13th will be short-lived.


Libra: September 24-October 23

Alfred Nobel

With aggressive Mars in Aries in January, others may be a bit overbearing, so be ready to stand your ground. Still, agreements and new alignments you enter near the 25th glitter with promise.

January 1-15: You're entering a very busy cycle on the 1st, and if you're feeling a bit gloomy about choices you're facing, don't worry: the eclipse of the 6th is going to shed a fresh light on everything. Venus' entrance into Sagittarius on the 7th is a positive influence, enhancing your ability to reach out, inspire others, and get results. Stay away from arguments near the 8th, and be ready to let go and move on near the 11th.


Scorpio: October 24-November 22

Indira Gandhi

You appear to be driven and inspired in January, and it will require more tact than you're inclined to exercise to avoid unpleasant disputes. But you should still be able to beat the odds by month's end.

January 1-15: Whatever choices loom at January's start, be aware that you're likely to be presented by a different set of options after the eclipse on the 6th. Details and facts don't appear to be gelling near the 7th, and what you really need to do is take you time and be ready to consider alternatives—not be misled by others unrealistic proposals.


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