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Ina Garten and Jennifer Garner Just Adorably Ate Animal-Style Burgers at In-N-Out Together

The foodie friends were there to celebrate the end of Garten's cookbook tour.

Just a few weeks after Barefoot Contessa super-fan Jennifer Garner appeared on Ina Garten's Thanksgiving cooking show, the celebrity duo is back together again. They just took a girls trip to In-N-Out, and treated fans to delightful photos of their meal.

Both Jennifer and Ina shared Instagrams of the burgers they enjoyed at the California fast-food chain after the last stop of of Ina's cookbook tour in Costa Mesa.

The Food Network's Barefoot Contessa posted a photo of the pair smiling while holding up burgers with the caption, "Only the best for my friend @jennifer.garner– dinner at @innout after my show in Costa Mesa, CA!! What a fun way to wrap up my fall book tour! #CookLikeaPro"

Jennifer also shared a photo of her own captioned, "@inagarten and @tuesdayrecipe– you were amazing in your beyond sold out show in Costa Mesa. We hung on every word! But– celebrating the end of you #CookLikeAPro book tour with @innout= (Smiley face heart, burger emojis) #thisbookisthebestchristmaspresent #ifyoudidntpreorder #storeboughtisfine (#butheymomialreadyhaveone!)

The two were clearly enjoying themselves, so much so that when a fan commented wondering whether Ina got her burger "animal style,"(a secret menu item featuring a mustard-grilled patty, thousand island dressing, and extra pickles) Ina responded, "Of course!! So did Julia Child!"

If it's good enough for the Contessa–and Julia Child–then it is certainly good enough for us. Of course, the famous foodie has never been one to stick her nose up at a good burger, she gave her stamp of approval to Shake Shack this summer.


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Over the past three years, Garner has become one of Garten's good friends, even earning a birthday shoutout on Instagram. And Jennifer isn't shy about publicly obsessing over Garten's recipes. She even recreates them on her "pretend cooking show" on Instagram.

Garner is in good company. Other celebrities who've praised Garten in the past are Taylor Swift, Katie Couric, and even the Duchess of Sussex–who, as Garten joked, owes her royal engagement to the chef's engagement roast chicken.

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