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8 Fabulous Filipino Finds at This Year's ArteFino Fair

There's plenty to look forward to at this year's edition.

ArteFino, Manila’s most fabulous artisan fair, is returning to 8 Rockwell next week from August 30 to September 2. This year, the long-awaited craft fair promises a whole new selection that promotes, showcases, and supports Filipino artistry.

“We are working closely with our vendors to see where we can support them. Many of them we have seen evolve. We want to keep growing. Our hope is that we can inject many of our traditions in different areas of craft, art, and dining, into the mix,” shares co-founder Susie Quiros.

Check out a preview of this year’s participating exhibitors and their offerings below.


Anthill, which stands for Alternative Nest and Trading/Training Hub for Indigenous/Ingenious Little Livelihood Seekers, works with Philippine-made hand woven fabrics to create stylish and contemporary products. In working with Luzon’s Abra Weaving Community, Visayas’ HOME Community, and Mindanao’s Daraghuyan – Bukidnon Tribe, the brand hopes to preserve and promote artisans and their work among younger generations.

Art of Gold

Art of Gold started by creating hand painted accent pieces such as throw pillows and bedspreads. The company has since then grown and expanded to painting on wood and metal products, creating pieces that are masterfully crafted. For ArteFino, Art of Gold presents a new collection that features vibrant tropical elements that’ll surely add color to any space.


As a home and gifts lifestyle brand, C&C makes everything from home decor to baskets and bags. The brand puts a spotlight on the beauty of local craftsmanship, the unmatched quality of artisanal items, and natural plant-based materials. For ArteFino, C&C presents “ENTWINED,” a collection that focuses on the simplistic beauty of the art of weaving.



HaloHalo got its start after founder Cara Sumabat thought of experimenting with banig as a material to create bags. Today, the brand continues to innovate the material by using it to construct home decor pieces, and sustainably using 100 percent recycled plastic.


Mike and Banj Claparols collaborated with the Negros 9 community weavers to establish Interweave, a lifestyle brand that makes hand-crafted home accents. Lamps, table runners, placemats, and other products will be launched at the upcoming fair.

Little Lulli

Little Lulli is all for creating children’s clothes and accessories for “kids who love to play.” The brand does this by designing their clothes with more open silhouettes with looser cuts. Little Lulli presents a collection in collaboration with watercolor artist Ina Melgazo for this year’s fair which will draw from the joys of a Filipino childhood. The collection will feature imagery taken from street games such as tumbang preso, fortune teller origami, jolens, and other activities.

Rhett Eala

Filipino fashion designer Rhett Eala’s intricate pieces are always one of the highlights in ArteFino, and this year is no different. For this year’s edition, Eala presents his chic sleeveless embroidered tops, as well as more sophisticated feathered peplum-style tops and feminine embroidered dresses.


Founded by three sisters—Anna, Isa, and Sylvia—Sanxi was launched in September of last year. The brand makes locally made and designed accessories and objects with a minimalist aesthetic. We’re particularly looking forward to the brand’s elegant bejeweled earrings which are done in buttery gold.

ArteFino will be held at 8 Rockwell from August 30 to September 2.

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