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13 Art Fair Works by Emerging Artists You Need to Know

Keep these names on your list of ones to watch.

As much as Art Fair Philippines has become a venue for gallerists to exhibit works by masters and seasoned artists, it’s also a place for young and emerging artists to plant their roots and gain acclaim among the circles of collectors and enthusiasts.

After carefully combing through this year's selection of galleries and works, we've noted a few names of artists that deserve your attention.

Blemish IV by Kim Hamilton Sulit, Blanc

Hamilton Sulit’s aesthetic displays an understanding of the beauty and pain in darkness. His portraits showcase figures in the shadows, their faces usually corrupted or dirtied in some way. In an interview with Blanc Gallery, the pensive artist said he draws inspiration from personal experiences.

Median I by Kadin Tiu, Blanc

Tiu exhibits her eye for details through several series of striped subjects with clear and clean lines. Far from stiff, her works possess a fabric-like texture that’s soothing to look at.


Zombie #2 by Monica Delgado, Finale Art File

Delgado has been known to think outside the canvas—literally. She’s no stranger to 3D works and experimenting with texture. Her ability to take risks result in unique creations that easily captivate its audiences.

Krako’s Land by Ronante Maratas, Ysobel Art Gallery


This year’s exhibit marks Maratas’ fourth solo exhibition at the annual art event. Each of his works is an explosion of color and seemingly gleeful display of texture, but beneath the surface of his paintings are layer upon layer of camouflaged imagery, which metaphorically hide the predator and prey culture of society.

Untitled I by Nicole Coson, Finale Art File

Armed with an art degree from Central Saint Martins, London-based Filipino artist Nicole Coson has paved her own path. She has developed a signature style as a contemporary artist, rendering her works at fairs as instantly recognizable. Though quite young, Coson has already exhibited her works in both London and Manila.  

An Apple a Day, Winnie Go, Artinformal


Not quite new to the art scene, Go has been crafting ceramics for over 20 years. For her series called An Apple a Day, her goal is to handmake 365 varieties of ceramic apples, none like the other, to represent daily motivation. The prices range from P14,000 to P20,000.

Black Out, Katarina Ortiz, Artinformal

After residing in Manila and Australia, Ortiz studied art in London. For this series, Ortiz takes her inspiration from topography and bases many of her paintings on the study of land. She traces the maps with her paintbrush and the outcome is a surreal study of colors and lines.

Annie by Francis Bejar, Blanc


From the start of his studies in fine arts, Bejar was recognized as an exceptional student, with awards and recognition at competitions. In this surrealist style painting, Bejar brings life to a ballerina on a pastel setting.

Choking Hazard by Bam Garibay, Kaida Contemporary

The son of renowned artist Emmanuel Garibay, Bam is following in his father’s footsteps as a painter. Following his graduation, Garibay began his career in art. His works available at Kaida Contemporary both showcase his talent in portraits and a darker palette of colors reminiscent of his father’s.

Dolce by Janelle Tang, Kaida Contemporary


Janelle Tang is a self-described gypsy. Her works take on pop culture with a kitschy attitude. The artist layers print upon print and brings color to the most mundane of subjects.

White City at Dawn by Lee Paje, Tin-aw Art Gallery

Represented by Tin-aw Art Gallery, Paje has been known to use unconventional canvases and materials. At Art Fair, the gallery displays Paje’s White City at Dawn on one wall, capturing the attention of visitors for its copper canvas that aptly illustrates the beauty of a sky at daybreak. One of the benefits of owning a copper painting is that it’s said to last longer, a gallerist informs us.

What Do We Leave Behind, Isabel Santos, West Gallery


Isabel Santos has artist blood coursing through her veins. She can trace her lineage to the great Malang Santos, who was her grandfather. Her parents Soler and Mona are also artists, as are her two older siblings, Luis and Carina. Coming from a family of notable names, Isabel successfully distinguishes her work and establishes her own rhythm in her art.

Portrait of Memory IV by Brave Mabalo Singh, Blanc

Singh is an Ilocos-based artist who primarily works with oil on canvas. His paintings are a personal reflection of his life and his past, which serve as intimate mementos he commemorates with brushstrokes on canvas.

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